The Rent Service

The Rent Service

As of 1 April 2009, the functions of The Rent Service (TRS) transferred to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). This means that TRS no longer exists as a stand alone agency but has been merged into the VOA. All the services rent officers provided under TRS will continue.

The Rent Service provides valuations for local authorities in England, for use in the assessment of claims for Housing Benefit where the tenant is renting from a private landlord.

Housing Benefit determinations

In making a determination The Rent Service will consider:

  • The level of rent
  • The rent for similar properties within the vicinity
  • The number of rooms
  • The age and number of people living within the property being assessed

Taking into account all of the above, The Rent Service then advises the Council of the level of rent to be used in the benefit calculation by providing it with the following figures:

  1. The Claim Related Rent for the property.
  2. The Local Reference Rent.
  3. The Single Room Rent (for single tenants under 35 years of age).

The Council is required to calculate benefit using the lowest of the figures.  This is known as the 'maximum rent'.

Service charges

Some services included in a tenant's rent are not eligible to be met by Housing Benefit. These include heating, lighting, water rates, meals, general counselling and support and emergency alarms. The Rent Service will determine the value of ineligible services and his valuations will be separate to these services, so the Council only needs to make further deductions from the maximum rent for meals.

The determination will usually run for 12 months unless there is a  significant change to the property or the number of people included within the household.

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