Private property compulsory acquisition

Local Authorities have the power to compulsorily acquire property and land for specific purposes. This means that the Council has the legal right to purchase property and land that may not be for sale by the owner.

The use of compulsory purchase powers enables land to be developed, redeveloped or improved for the benefit of the population as a whole.

The Government states that compulsory purchase powers are important as a means of assembling land so that regenerative projects can take place. For example, compulsory purchase orders are often used for regeneration and urban renewal, where the Housing Act 1985 gives local councils the powers to buy empty housing for clearance or renovation

Compulsory purchase in Allerdale is usually part of a wider development or regeneration scheme. Before any schemes are implemented, extensive consultation is carried out with the local communities that will be affected. This is to make sure that local views are taken into account at an early stage in the development of any regeneration proposal.

Please note that Compulsory Purchase Orders are extremely rare and when applicable, the owner of the land or property is compensated for their loss so that they are financially no worse off following the compulsory purchase.  You can find more information from the Communities and Local Government website Compulsory Purchase Orders section.

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