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Business Rates bills 2017-18

Frequently asked questions about the revaluation 1st April 2017


Q1. My rateable value changed. Will I still get small business rate relief?


A Properties up to and including £12,000 rateable value on 1 April 2017 will receive 100% small business rate relief in 2017-18, if that property is the only business premises occupied by the ratepayer in England.

For properties with a rateable value between £12,001 and £14,999, tapered relief will be allowed for eligible ratepayers.

Properties between £15,000 and £50,999 will have their bill calculated using the smaller of the two multipliers ie 0.466 for 2017-18 bills and 0.480 for 2018-19 bills.

Q2. My rateable value doubled on 1st April 2017. Will my actual bill for 2017-18 double as well?

A. No. Bills could only go up in 2017-18 by a maximum percentage, depending on the new rateable value, set by the Government as follows;

New rateable value Maximum increase in bill
Up to £20,000 5% plus inflation
£20,001 to £100,000 12.5% plus inflation
Over £100,000 42% plus inflation


Q3. My rateable value substantially reduced on 1st April 2017. Will I benefit in full straightaway?

A. No. Bills can only fall in 2017-18 by a maximum percentage, depending on the new rateable value, set by the Government as follows;

New rateable value Maximum decrease in bill
Up to £20,000 20% plus inflation
£20,001 to £100,000 10% plus inflation
Over £100,000 4.1% plus inflation


Other issues 


Supporting Small Businesses

In the Spring Budget 2017 the Chancellor announced that a scheme of relief would be made available to those ratepayers facing large increases as a result of the loss of small business or rural rate relief.

The transitional relief scheme does not provide support in respect of changes in reliefs. Therefore, those ratepayers who are losing some or all of their small rate business or rural rate relief may be facing very large percentage increases in bills from 1 April 2017.

The Supporting Small Businesses relief will help those ratepayers who as a result of the change in their rateable value at the revaluation are losing some or all of their small business or rural rate relief and, as a result, are facing large increases in their bills. To support these ratepayers, this relief will ensure that the increase per year in the bills* of these ratepayers is limited to the greater of:

  • a cash value of £600 per year. 
  • the matching cap on increases for small properties in the transitional relief scheme**.

* Prior to the Business Rates Supplement (2p for properties in London with a rateable value of more than £70,000) and City of London multiplier (which is 0.5p higher for all properties in London). The level of these supplements are unchanged at the revaluation but changes in the amounts paid through the supplements are outside the transitional relief scheme.


** 5%, 7.5%, 10%, 15% and 15% 2017/18 to 2021/22, all plus inflation.


Support for Pubs

The Government also announced a new relief scheme for pubs that have a rateable value of below £100,000. Under the scheme, eligible pubs will receive a £1,000 discount on their bill. The relief has effect for 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Local Discretionary Relief Scheme

At the Spring Budget the Government announced the establishment of a £300m discretionary fund over four years from 2017-18 to support those businesses that face the steepest increases in their business rates bills as a result of the 2017 revaluation.

Every billing authority in England was provided with a share of the £300m to support their local businesses. Billing authorities were expected to use their share of the funding to develop their own discretionary relief schemes to deliver targeted support to the most hard-pressed ratepayers. The £300m covers the four years from 2017-18:

  • £175m in 2017-18
  • £  85m in 2018-19
  • £  35m in 2019-20
  • £    5m in 2020-21

Full details of our scheme are shown below.


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