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Expressions of interest

Submitting an expression of interest is the first formal step in using the Community Right to Challenge. The Council's Right to Challenge Expression of Interest form requests all the information the Council is allowed to as set out in the statutory guidance. The form is accompanied by guidance outlining all the information you need before submitting your expression of interest online. The information you provide in your expression of interest will be used to accept or reject it.

Expressions of interest can only be submitted within a defined time window details of these can be found on the Community Right to Challenge section.

The Council has set the maximum time that it will take to notify a relevant body of its decision on its expression of interest at 8 months. Although different lesser periods may apply for different cases depending on their complexity. The Council will notify the relevant body of this time period in writing no later than 30 days after the close of the expression of interest window. The Council's process and timetable for dealing with expressions of interest can be found in the Downloadable Documents section.

If no expressions of interest are received within the time window the Council will continue providing the service as it is currently provided. However, the Council may consider the best value options available for the running of any service in the future.

Expression of interest accepted or rejected

Expressions of interest will be considered by Allerdale Borough Council's directors and Executive Members. The Council will make a decision using the national criteria as a guide.

The decision will be one of three options; 'accept', 'accept with modification' or 'reject'.

Accept: The group who has submitted the expression of interest will have presented a strong case that they could provide the relevant service. The Council will then run a procurement exercise to find the best provider.

Accept with modification: The Council may seek to agree to an expression of interest being modified if it believes it would otherwise reject it. If an agreement cannot be reached, the Council may reject the expression of interest.

Reject: Government has set out a series of reasons why an expression of interest can be rejected.

The Council will reject an expression of interest if:

  1. The expression of interest does not comply with any of the requirements specified in the Act or in regulations
  2. The relevant body provides information in the expression of interest which the relevant authority considers to be inadequate or inaccurate.
  3. The relevant authority considers, based on the information in the expression of interest, that the relevant body or, where applicable a) any member of the consortium of which it is a part, or b) any sub-contractor referred to in the expression of interest is not suitable to provide or assist in providing the relevant service
  4. The expression of interest relates to a relevant service where a decision, made in writing, has been taken by the relevant authority to stop providing that service
  5. The expression of interest relates to a relevant service a) provided in whole or in part by, or on behalf of, the relevant authority to person who are also in receipt of a service provided or arranged by an NHS body which is integrated with the relevant service, and b) the continued integration of such services is, in the opinion of the relevant authority, critical to the wellbeing of those persons
  6. The relevant service is already the subject of a procurement exercise
  7. The relevant authority and a third party have entered into negotiations for provision of the service, where negotiations are at least in part conducted in writing
  8. The relevant authority has published its intention to consider the provision of the relevant service by a body that two or more specified employees of that authority propose to establish
  9. The relevant authority considers that the expression of interest is frivolous or vexatious
  10. The relevant authority considers that acceptance of the expression of interest is likely to lead to contravention of an enactment or other rule of law or a breach of statutory duty.

If the Council decides to reject an expression of interest, it has a legal duty to publish the decision and the reasons for that decision online. The Council will notify the groups who have submitted an expression of interest of the decision.

Downloadable Documents

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