Anti-social behaviour (ASB) minimum standards of response

West Cumbria

The Community Safety Partnership* (see below), will continue to work together in partnership to reduce instances of anti-social behaviour by diversion, early intervention and effective enforcement. The partnership’s aim is to make our residents feel that their neighbourhood is a safer and better place to live and visit.

The minimum standard of response is designed to complement the Policing Pledge and not to replace or dilute any of the sections.

The Partnership will ensure that:-

1. All victims and witnesses are treated fairly with dignity and respect, with all instances of anti-social behaviour taken seriously, applying a multi-agency problem solving solution where appropriate.

2. Victims and sufferers who report anti-social behaviour to an agency other than the police who do not require an immediate response will be contacted within 24 hours to determine the level of support required.

3. Reports of anti-social behaviour (taken by an agency other than the police), requiring an immediate response will be forwarded to the police without delay if it is inappropriate for that agency to deal with the incident.

4. Victims and witnesses who suffer an identified series of anti-social behaviour incidents are fully supported and kept informed of agencies progress and their actions if the victim requires it. All appropriate services and support will be made known to the victim.

5. All agencies share relevant anti-social behaviour information and intelligence to identify location hotspots, known perpetrators and affected parties and respond purposefully and speedily to such intelligence.

6. Communities are encouraged to:

  • take ownership of their neighbourhoods
  • identify their priorities and be part of the problem solving solution

7. Communities are made aware who represents which agency within their neighbourhood and how to contact them.

8. Partner Agencies are aware of their own and others personal roles and responsibilities when dealing with anti-social behaviour and to ensure that they carry out their responsibilities cohesively for the good of the communities and the victims of anti-social behaviour.

9. Communities will be kept informed what is happening within their neighbourhood through monthly Safer Stronger Community Meetings, street briefings** (see below), Voice Connect*** (see below), newsletters and leaflet distribution (when appropriate).

10. Quarterly confidence and satisfaction surveys are carried out which allow communities to comment on the level of ASB within their neighbourhood and how they feel about it. Other communication methods are also used such as verbal contact to measure the public’s feelings on ASB and how it affects them. This occurs at Safer and Stronger Community Meetings and whilst conducting a street briefing.

11. Victims have the right of complaint to the Community Safety Partnership through their elected members when agencies have failed to act to curb an ongoing series of anti-social behaviour directed towards an individual or individuals and the matter cannot be resolved through the individual agencies normal complaints procedure.

As a partnership we want to deliver the best service we can for you. If we fail to meet the standards we have set we will always explain why it wasn’t possible to do so on that occasion.


* The Community Safety Partnership - is a multi agency partnership consisting of the Police, all the Borough Council statutory agencies, Fire and Rescue Service, Youth Offending Service, Probation Service, Cumbria Primary Care Trust (Health), Drug and Alcohol Action Teams, Housing providers and the Voluntary Sector.   They work together to address all community safety and cohesion issues.

** Street briefing – engagement with the public by one or more agencies to discuss issues pertinent to that community.

*** Voice Connect – a quick method of communication to Neighbourhood Watch schemes and other similar groups.  Group members can choose the method of communication.

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