Building Control Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

Allerdale Borough Council is responsible for making a wide range of decisions. This varies from decisions about over-arching policies and setting budgets to routine decisions which affect individuals. 

An EIA is a method of systematically reviewing the way policies, services or functions impact on different groups of potential or actual users of services, and the employees working in the service, it involves looking at your equality information and the outcome of your engagement and can help you to identify practical steps to tackle any negative effects or discrimination, and to advance equality.

Equality Impact Assessment:

Building Control Services 

 Main purpose of the policy, service or function

Main areas of work:

Statutory (S) /

Non-statutory (NS)

·       Determination of Full Plans Building Notice and Regularization applications for building work


·       Site inspection of Building Regulation work to determine compliance with notices, approved plans and conditions


·       Enforcement of Building Regulations formal action relating to breaches of Building Regulations and Regularization applications  


·       Initial Notice processing administering Approved inspector notifications


·       Competent persons schemes Administration of approved installer applications and notifications  


·       Control of Dangerous Structures 24hr service dealing with reports or identified dangerous structures


·       Administration of Demolition Consents inspection of works to determine compliance with conditions


·       Street Naming and Numbering, devising numbering schemes, consulting on new street names 


·       Building Regulation Charge exempt service relating to building work for people with disabilities


·       Facilitate Access Officer’s role in Allerdale


·       Safety at Sports grounds advisory panel member statutory consultee (Cumbria CC Safety Advisory Group)


List the main activities or objectives of the policy, service or function

·       Provide a quality Building Control Service that is responsive and accessible that meets the needs of users and supports the Authorities corporate objectives through a nationally co-coordinated service delivered locally.

·       The service will be publicly accountable and dedicated to maintaining high standards in the built environment.

·       Ensure compliance with Building Regulations securing the health and safety and inclusive design for all persons in and around buildings, together with the conservation of fuel and power.

·       Ensure developments accord with notices, approved plans including any conditions and limitations approved by council.

·       Use regulatory powers in a proportionate, fair and consistent manner.

·       Promote high quality developments  through the council’s Building  Excellence Awards.

·       Support the council’s Climate change strategy for sustainable communities encourage innovation to produce energy efficient and sustainable buildings.

·       Ensure the service makes best use of technology in order to maximize performance and build capacity. 

·       Ensure community safety through effective enforcement relating to demolition consents dangerous structure notices and the safety at sports grounds, crowd safety function and provide advice and support to the emergency services.  

·       Ensure all new and existing properties are provided with effective postal addresses.

·       Facilitate the Access Officer’s role working with local and national groups, businesses and individuals.

·       Provide a Dangerous Structures out of hours emergency response service at a level required by the Council. 


Linked documents and information:


Allerdale Building Control

Planning Portal Approved Documents

Building Act 1984

Building Regulations 2010

Approved Documents A-P

Fees and Charges Regulations 2010

Building Control Service Plan 2012/13

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Allerdale Access Guide

Street Naming and Numbering Guidance and Legislation

Safety at Sports Grounds Advisory Panel/Constitution

Guidance on Equality Impact Assessments Allerdale Borough Council 2012



1000-1200 applications per year to develop in Allerdale.

6000 site visits to inspect works under construction throughout Allerdale.

Council's complaints procedure.

Access Officer role.

Access Guide for Allerdale.

Building Control customer feedback questionnaire.

CPD Training Events questionnaire.

CRB checks for staff working with young children.

Screening for impacts

Does the policy, service or function impact on the following?

Equality Impact Screening

 Impact? (Yes/No)

 Positive impact (it could benefit)

 Negative impact (it could disadvantage)







Building Regulations Part M deal with access and facilities for all.  Some of the facilities provided for disabled people benefit the aged.

Child Safety events working with schools.

Staff have CRB checks to work with children.

Construction Ambassador Scheme.

Work experience programme.

Mobile service, home visits to assist and advise.

Street Naming and Numbering process provides for easy identification of streets and addresses for Emergency Services including Ambulances.





Access Officer attends access group meetings.  Provides advice and guidance to members of the public and other Council services.

Allerdale's Access Guide.

Building Regulations ensure access for all including public buildings.

Building Regulations have provisions relating to facilities in buildings to ensure reasonable provisions are made.

In some cases changes are waived in respect of work for registered disabled people.

Building Regulations cover all forms of disability including ambulant disabled, wheelchair users, partially sighted and those with poor hearing.

Staff are aware of Equality Act 2010.

Safety at sports grounds involvement, access for sports ground spectator areas etc.

Website information

(Staff) Some parts of the Building Control Surveyor's work relating to inspection of works may not be suitable for people of limited mobility.

Access to storey levels via ladders and scaffolds .

Working at depths and trenches, foundations and drainage.





Visual or hearing impairment could result in Heath and Safety issues involving spacial awareness.




Reduce discrimination.


Gender Reassignment



Pregnancy & Maternity






Building Regulations Part M deal with access and facilities for all.  Some of these provisions benefit this group in relation to access into buildings, lift provisions etc relating to prams and buggies.

Mobile service - home visits can be arranged to assist and advise.








Religion or Belief







Building Control is a mobile service with same day response for calls made before 10 am.  Site visits can be made anywhere in Allerdale on a daily basis to assist and advise. 

Meetings can be held in other Council venues.

Location of service, ie non central location within the Authority.




Whilst at present all the front line Building Control Staff are male in the past we have employed a female Surveyor.

The all male staff structure has come about through a national shortage of female Surveyors.


Sexual Orientation

Socio Economic No      


Please list below any recommendations for action that you plan to take as a result of this impact assessment
Issue  Action Required Resource Implications Outcome
Access Guide out of date Review Guide Publishing costs Provision of information relating to accessible buildings in Allerdale.
Continual training and development required for staff Provide training on access related issues Training costs Building Control Surveyors will have heightened awareness of discrimination issues.
Awareness of the use of modern technologies.

Provide training

Modern technologies may not suit some customers

Training costs Reduces discrimination.
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