Customer Services Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

Allerdale Borough Council is responsible for making a wide range of decisions. This varies from decisions about over-arching policies and setting budgets to routine decisions which affect individuals. 

An EIA is a method of systematically reviewing the way policies, services or functions impact on different groups of potential or actual users of services, and the employees working in the service, it involves looking at your equality information and the outcome of your engagement and can help you to identify practical steps to tackle any negative effects or discrimination, and to advance equality.

Equality Impact Assessment:


 Main purpose of the policy, service or function

To provide a high quality information, advice and payment service to customers of the Council in a timely manner and via a range of access channels

List the main activities or objectives of the policy, service or function

·        Providing an effective and efficient service to residents, businesses and visitors of Allerdale through customer service and contact centres

·        Promoting excellence in customer service across the organisation through efficient systems and achievement of high performance levels

·        Management of formal complaints received by the Council

·        Corporate implementation/ rollout of the Customer Relationship Management system

·        Corporate Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulation and Data Protection responsibilities

·        Web Content management.



Customer Satisfaction survey

Performance/ usage information

Customer feedback/ Feedback from Cumbria Disability Network and AWAZ Cumbria.

Complaints/ comments – There is no evidence to suggest that any equality group are being put at a disadvantage.

Screening for impacts

Does the policy, service or function impact on the following?

Equality Impact Screening

 Impact? (Yes/No)

 Positive impact (it could benefit)

 Negative impact (it could disadvantage)







Customer Service Centres are Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant.

Deaf, deaf/blind and speech impaired people – Typetalk and hearing loop are available.

Documents available by request in other formats.

Web – set up to allow use of “access keys” and read-speaker to allow customers to hear the content.



Gender Reassignment



Pregnancy & Maternity







If English is not first language, language line is available for translation service.

All complaints involving a racist incident are recorded, investigated and monitored.



Religion or Belief






Yes Services are accessible via web/ email/ phone and face-to-face contact in the main town of each locality area.  





Sexual Orientation

Socio Economic Yes

Face-to-face Customer Service Centre (CSC) in each locality area.

Working with Allerdale Credit Union to provide collection point at Workington and Maryport CSCs.


Please list below any recommendations for action that you plan to take as a result of this impact assessment

Issue  Action Required Resource Implications Outcome
Review payment arrangements for Council services Set out options and implications for Council to make an informed decision Within existing resource up to options report stage.  
Need to know customer profile of who is accessing Allerdale Borough Council’s services Gather information we have already. Survey customers to analyse equality groups    
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