Regulatory Services Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

Allerdale Borough Council is responsible for making a wide range of decisions. This varies from decisions about over-arching policies and setting budgets to routine decisions which affect individuals. 

An EIA is a method of systematically reviewing the way policies, services or functions impact on different groups of potential or actual users of services, and the employees working in the service, it involves looking at your equality information and the outcome of your engagement and can help you to identify practical steps to tackle any negative effects or discrimination, and to advance equality.

 Main purpose of the policy, service or function

To provide a service that regulates and provides advice to the public and businesses on environmental health, licensing and land charges consistent with the priorites of the Council.

List the main activities or objectives of the policy, service or function

To help prevent food poisoning, infectious disease, food borne and water borne illness and the sale of unfit food 

To help prevent ill health caused by air pollution, seek to achieve compliance with air quality standards and minimise harm caused by the use of contaminated land 

To help prevent public health nuisance and resolve drainage problems

To help prevent nuisance caused by noise and other environmental matters in the borough. 

To improve health, safety and welfare in workplaces within the borough

To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees and to provide training, information and supervision as needed and ensure other people are not exposed to undue safety risks by the Council’s activities

To issue and enforce registrations, consents and licences to control safety, animal welfare and help prevent nuisance

To help support the regeneration of the borough

To process search applications and reply to enquiries of Local Authorities in a timely and competitive manner and provide facilities to enable personal searchers to obtain all required information and assist where necessary

To formulate licensing and gambling policies and other conditions/guidelines for licensing functions 

To administer a range of licence applications in accordance with policies, procedures and legislation

Ensure compliance of licences by carrying out the necessary enforcement action and attending proceedings in court

To act as contact point for regulatory aspects of events and festivals.


Linked documents and information:

Regulatory Services Annual Service Plan 2012/13

Food Safety Service Plan 2011/12 and 2012/13

Health and Safety Service Plan 2011/12 and 2012/13


Customer surveys give largely positive response

No adverse comments from customers that suggest equality aspects are not being met

Visits to businesses each year result in interactions and feedback from proprietors

Outcome and nature of complaints

Customer feedback, comments and compliments

Screening for impacts

Does the policy, service or function impact on the following?

Equality Impact Screening

 Impact? (Yes/No)

 Positive impact (it could benefit)

 Negative impact (it could disadvantage)



Yes Underage drinking and gambling clearly addressed in licensing and gambling policies More onerous medical requirements for taxi drivers over 50 years of age. Restrictions on age for younger taxi drivers.




Actions to improve air quality will improve the quality of life for asthma suffers.  

Through dealing with members of the public the environmental health team can identify people in need and direct assistance from partner organisations.

Improved access to information on the websites including the ability to apply for licenses on line reduces the need to travel to see documents.

Taxi and private hire licensing ensures the availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles.
Difficulties dealing with complaints from and about people with mental health issues, sight difficulties or poor reading ability.


Gender Reassignment



Pregnancy and Maternity







Help offered during inspection of premises where appropriate (translation services and support documents).

Special projects for food businesses where English is not first language.

Ethnic groups are associated with specific high risk food premises. Specific projects identified to improve food safety may be perceived as targeting these communities.


Religion or Belief


Officers are aware of the cultural and religious beliefs that would impact on environmental services.

Training for Food Safety Officers in religious beliefs, arranged across the county (2008).









Sexual Orientation

Socio Economic No      


Please list below any recommendations for action that you plan to take as a result of this impact assessment

Issue  Action Required Resource Implications Outcome
Translation Ensure that ethnic businesses receive information in a language that they can understand £1,000 per year for translation services Legal requirements are understood
Mentoring food businesses Programme to mentor food businesses is extended, including translating specific documents and providing suitable ethnic mentors £900 for 2012/13 Better understanding and compliance with legal requirements
Accessiblity of taxis for disabled Review existing taxi licensing requirements for disabled adapted taxis and private hire vehicles Officer time. May have financial impact on taxi trade. More suitable taxis and private hire vehicles available for disabled passengers.
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