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Allerdale Local Plan

 Main purpose of the policy, service or function

The Allerdale Local Plan will guide development in the District (outside the National Park) for the next 15 years. It sets out when, where and how much development will take place. It also includes more detailed policies on housing, employment, retail and leisure as well as measures to safeguard the natural and built environment. This will provide the framework against which planning applications are assessed.

List the main activities or objectives of the policy, service or function

The overarching objective of the Local Plan is to achieve sustainable communities. The elements of which are:

  • Adapt to climate change and promote sustainable forms of construction such as energy efficiency, use of local materials and recycling.

  • A balanced housing market that provides the right amount and type of housing to meet all needs of the community and is affordable.

  • Deliver a sustainable and diverse local economy through the provision of suitable land and premises, supporting education and skills and ensuring the appropriate infrastructure is in place

  • Ensure vibrant town centres and safeguard local facilities

  • Ensure that major development is accessible to local services by a variety of transport options, such as cycling and walking

  • Protect and enhance the area’s built and historic environment

  • Protect and enhance the area’s natural environment and encourage the delivery of a network of green infrastructure.

Linked documents and information:

This EIA relates to the Core Strategy and Development Management DPD Preferred Options Documents. The results of the impact screening should be read in conjunction with these documents. 


The Local Plan has an extensive evidence base, it covers the following

  • Socio-economic profiles of the district and localities

  • Strategic Housing Market Assessment - identifies housing need
  • Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment - audit of land
  • Employment Land and Premises Study - assesses future need and current land supply
  • Retail Study- assesses future need and capacity
  • Open space audit- assesses current provision and identifies shortfall
  • Cumbria renewable energy capacity study
  • Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulation Assessment
  • Cumbria Landscape Character Assessment toolkit
  • Cumbria biodiversity data base

Screening for impacts

Due to the fact that the Local Plan encompasses a number of different thematic topics, each has been screened individually to assess potential impacts:

Vision and objectives

Spatial Strategy

Area-based plans



Town Centres, Tourism and Leisure


Built Environment

Natural Environment

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