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Bus service launched to help those hit by bridge closure

Thursday 8 October 2015

Allerdale Borough Council is putting on a free bus service to help residents and workers affected by a bridge closure in Cockermouth.

The Millers Crossing footbridge, which connects Memorial Gardens to the town centre, has been closed for emergency repairs. That has left those living and working in the Gote area of Cockermouth with a much longer walk to the shops, hospital, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, causing problems for the many elderly residents who live in the area.

The new bus service will run every day apart from Sunday, between 9.15am and 2.15pm, on a circuit which includes Wakefield Road, Main Street, Cockermouth Hospital, Station Street and Sainsbury’s. It will be trialled for one month, or until the work is completed.

Councillor Alan Smith, Leader of Allerdale Borough Council, said: “This bridge closure is bad news for older people who live in the Gote Road sheltered housing in particular, but also for those who work in the nearby industrial areas who have limited time to walk into town on their lunchbreaks.

“We don’t want to see people struggling to do their shopping or get to the hospital, nor do we want the businesses in town to suffer if people can’t reach them as easily. We hope this free bus service will also help some of those who work in town, giving them easy access to the shops and offices from Wakefield Road car park where many of them park their cars.

“We know the bridge repair work needs to be done – we just want to make life as easy as possible for our residents until it is completed. We will be trialling the bus for a month, though will obviously end it earlier if the work is finished before that. I hope this free service will be really helpful to those who live and work here, and be very well used.”

Those wishing to use the bus should look out for an Ellenvale bus with a ‘Millers Crossing Bus’ sign, marked as Allerdale Borough Council’s free bus.

The Millers Crossing bus service will run at the following times:

Wakefield Road:                     09.15   10.00   11.00   12.00   13.00   14.00

Main Street:                            09.18   10.03   11.03   12.03   13.03   14.03

Hospital:                                  09.21   10.06   11.06   12.06   13.06   14.06

Sainsburys (South Street):     09.24 10.09     11.09   12.09   13.09   14.09

Wakefield Road:                     09.29   10.14   11.14   12.14   13.14   14.14

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