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Council contractors help with sports club clean up

10 December 2015

Contractors from the new leisure centre site in Workington have been doing their neighbourly duty by helping town bowlers clean up their greens.

Workington Bowling Club is based on The Cloffocks and its site was completely waterlogged by the floods at the weekend. When the water levels subsided, the greens were covered in debris so, on Monday, the teams from Robertson and Ashcroft, the leisure centre’s main contractors, helped the teams clear up their club then disposed of all the waste.

Councillor Mark Fryer, Deputy Leader of Allerdale Borough Council, said: “It is brilliant to see so many people across Cumbria pulling together in the wake of this disaster, and excellent that the contractors building the leisure centre have joined this massive community effort.”

Concerns were raised on social media that the leisure centre itself was flooded but this was not the case. Contractors have thoroughly inspected the site and established that it did not receive any overflow of water from the River Derwent. The Soapery Beck, which runs between the leisure centre site and Brow Top car park, did burst its banks and water ran towards the main entrance of the leisure centre, but did not enter the building.

There was some water in the incomplete swimming pool area, which is still exposed to the elements as its windows have not yet been installed. In addition, part of the bund wall has not yet been built to its correct height which meant the water could enter that area.

Mark added: “The only areas that were breached were near places where the blockwork was incomplete so that the contractors had access to different parts of the building. Once these are sealed we will have total confidence in the integrity of the building

“What it is important to emphasise is that this is not a finished building – this is a construction site and the building is still months from completion. Yes, the land around the building was covered in water – but what would you expect with the levels of rainfall we have had?

“None of the exterior works have begun so none of the landscaping which will allow water to drain away has been installed. There are still sections of the building’s walls which have not been completed so water will be able to access areas like the swimming pool until they are finished. This is a building site – not the finished leisure centre.”

Those affected by the floods who need help and support can email the Council’s Customer Services officers direct  on or call 01900 702800 if they need Customer Services advisors are available from 8.45am to 5.15pm – these opening hours may be extended if necessary. The phone lines are usually busiest at 9am and lunchtimes so please be patient at these times and call mid-morning or after 2.30pm if possible.

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