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Help out with the Great British Beach Clean

16th September 2015

Community groups and other volunteers are being urged to join a series of local events over the next few days as part of the Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) Great British Beach Clean.

Supported by Allerdale Borough Council, the Workington Nature Partnership, Workington Town Council and the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the beach-cleans and litter surveys will concentrate on sprucing up the beaches in Workington, Flimby and Allonby. They are also designed to highlight the dangers caused by litter on our beaches.

The clean-up dates and times are as follows:

  • Friday 18 September at Oldside, meeting in the car park just in front of the barrier at 10am
  • Friday 18 September at Allonby, meeting at Twentyman’s car park at 10:30am
  • Saturday 19 September at Harrington Shore, meeting at South Shore car park at 10am
  • Sunday 20 September, meeting at Flimby School at 10:30am

MCS surveys have recorded a steady increase in the amount of beach litter nationally since 1994. The four main sources of litter found on UK beaches come from the public, fishing, sanitary waste (particularly cotton bud sticks) and shipping.

Gloves and litterpickers will be provided, though those taking part should wear sturdy shoes and suitable clothing.

Raegan Mckay, Workington Nature Partnership Officer said: “Nobody likes seeing litter on our beaches. But more importantly it can be harmful to our marine life who may eat it resulting in poisoning, starvation and death. Plastic packaging and discarded fishing nets also injure, entangle and drown some of Britain’s favourite marine animals, including seals and dolphins.”

Michael Heaslip, portfolio holder for locality and commercial services, said: “Our beaches are some of the more beautiful in the world and support a very sensitive and important eco-system. Much of the litter on our beaches is brought here on the tides, and it is great to be able to highlight the dangers to people, but also give them an opportunity to do something about it. I’d encourage everyone who can spare the time to get involved.”

Rose Wolfe, Assistant Manager for the Solway Coast AONB, said: “The Solway Coast AONB seascapes comprise extensive areas of both the Inner and Outer Solway Firth.  This dynamic and changing coastline includes flats, intertidal creeks, sands and saltmarshes, and is bounded in places by shingle bays, sand dune systems and low earth cliffs. The transition between land and sea is marked by beach and dune systems, generally along the west coast. Much of the coast is designated for its importance for birdlife, wildlife and habitats so taking part in the beach clean will help to maintain the beauty and safety of this important area.” 

MCS Beachwatch results are vital in turning the tide on litter. They have helped influence changes to laws on the disposing of waste at sea, and resulted in investment in better sewage treatment at the coast. Local beach cleans like the one at all help towards highlighting this serious issue.

Allerdale Borough Council also supports the LOVEmy BEACH campaign which seeks to improve water quality in the nation’s beaches. Through carrying out a few simple measures, businesses can join the Council in signing up to the scheme. More details can be found at:



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  2. Other relevant notes

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the only national UK charity dedicated to the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. MCS campaigns for clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries, and protection of marine life. Through education, community involvement and collaboration, MCS raises awareness of the many threats that face our seas and promotes individual, industry and government action to protect the marine environment.

MCS provides information and guidance on many aspects of marine conservation and produces the annual Good Beach Guide (, the Good Fish Guide ( and on sustainable seafood, as well as promoting public participation in volunteer projects such as MCS Beachwatch Big Weekend and Basking Shark Watch. For further information go to

MCS Beachwatch is a year-round UK-wide beach litter survey and clean up, organised by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) which encourages local volunteers to survey marine litter every 3 months. Volunteers remove all the litter from a measured area of their local beach, recording every item that they find. The data gathered from Beachwatch every September is published by MCS in the Beachwatch Report. This information is used at national and international levels to raise awareness of the impacts of marine litter, to promote measures to reduce litter at source and to campaign for marine litter legislation.



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