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Local listing status will help protect Allerdale’s landmarks

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Allerdale Borough Council’s Executive has today [Wednesday] voted in favour of a new initiative which will give added protection to some of the borough’s much-loved buildings and landmarks.

The members voted unanimously in favour of introducing ‘local listing’ to the Council’s planning powers. This is designed to provide additional protection to those structures which aren’t considered to be of national significance so cannot be listed by Historic England, but are deemed to be of value to the local community.

The building or landmark could be special for architectural, historic, archaeological or artistic reasons. They could also be significant in terms of character, be of a unique or a local design, have some cultural importance, or have a wealth of original features.

The local listing status means that there is an additional level of protection for the structure if someone wished to redevelop the site. Listed building consent is not required for structural works to a locally listed building – just planning permission in the normal way.

Councillor Mark Fryer, Allerdale Borough Council’s Executive Member for Economic Development, said: “It is the community which asked us for local listing status to be added to the Council’s responsibilities and it is also the community which will drive things forward. We will be guided by groups and individuals – they will apply for local listing status for the buildings they consider to be important.

“A panel of people, including local ward councillors and members of interested organisations, such as a civic trust or town or parish council, as well as the Council’s conservation officer, will then make the decision as to whether the nominated structure will be given local listing status.”

Cockermouth Civic Trust was instrumental in pushing forward the case for local listing in Allerdale. Phil Campbell, Chair of the Trust, said: “One of our objectives is to help preserve, conserve and improve features of public, historic and architectural interest in Cockermouth & the local area.

“Key to this are features that make Cockermouth distinctive from anywhere else. Many of these features are of national importance and have already been recognised with national Grade I or II listing - obvious examples include the castle and Wordsworth House. However, our town has many other buildings and features, which, if they disappeared would make Cockermouth poorer and a less interesting place.

“The Civic Trust believes that all these features are worthy of some level of protection for future generations and was very pleased to be invited by Allerdale Borough Council to develop the process.”

Now the Executive has agreed to adopt local listing designation, a report will go before a meeting of the full Council in January 2016. If it is approved, organisations and individuals will then be able to nominate properties.




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