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Businesses urged to sign up to the LOVEmyBEACH campaign

5 August 2015

Allerdale Borough Council and a Maryport tourist attraction have become the first organisations in the borough to sign up to an initiative which aims to improve the cleanliness of the sea along the West Cumbrian Coast.

The Council and Maryport’s Lake District Coast Aquarium are supporting the LOVEmyBEACH campaign which aims to ask the public to do their bit to help clean up the North West’s coastline. Businesses and residents near the seaside, as well as inland, can all make a difference by changing their behaviour to help keep beaches pristine. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has designated 10 ‘bathing waters’ on Cumbria’s coast for swimming and paddling. They passed last year’s EU water quality standards last year but, from 2015, will have tougher targets to meet.

Mark Vollers, owner of the Aquarium, said: “I think the LOVEmyBEACH campaign fits perfectly with the messages we already try to put across to our visitors. We have to protect the marine life found around the Cumbrian coastline, not only from an environmental point of view, but from an economic perspective too. This area is so valuable in terms of wildlife, but we must also care for it for the people who rely on it for their livelihoods.”

To sign up, businesses and organisations must fit certain criteria. They include fitting water saving devices, ensuring appliances such as dishwashers are correctly connected to the foul water sewer and not surface water drains, keeping outside waste bins secure to prevent access by wildlife, properly maintaining facilities like septic tanks, and putting measures in place to reduce surface water run off.

Councillor Bill Jefferson, Allerdale Borough Council’s Executive Member for Tourism and Chairman of the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, added: “Bathing water can be damaged by the simplest of actions – whether that’s fat being washed down the kitchen sink, or sanitary products being flushed down the loo. Dirty water from toilets and washing machines going into the wrong drainage system is also a big problem.

“There’s plenty to be done by animal owners too. Excrement from dogs and farm animals contains bacteria which can run into rivers and end up in the sea.”

There are a variety of simple things everyone can do to help improve our shores, even if they’re not a local seaside resident. These include:

  • Putting litter in the bin and not feeding the birds
  • Picking up after your dog and putting its mess in the bin
  • Only flushing ‘pee, poo and paper’ down the toilet
  • Signing up to the LOVEmyBEACH campaign and joining local beach-cleaning events.

The LOVEmyBEACH campaign was developed by Turning Tides in 2013, a partnership of organisations who have a long-term goal of ensuring our bathing waters are an asset to be proud of and valued by communities.

LOVEmyBEACH is also supported by other local North West councils, and organisations such as United Utilities, Keep Britain Tidy, Marine Conservation Society and The Environment Agency. For more information about the campaign, and to find out how you can do more to improve our beaches, visit Check your drains are connected properly at

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