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Town Council by-election information for the Moorclose Ward

Monday 11 September 2017

Allerdale Borough Council is reminding Moorclose residents of the details for the upcoming by-election on 21 September.

The by-election will be held to fill a vacancy in the Moorclose ward of Workington Town Council. Most voters in the ward will now be required to vote at a different polling station from the one they used in the recent General Election.

The Laybourn House polling station will no longer be in use, therefore electors in that polling district will now vote at Moorclose Community Centre. Electors who previously voted at St Gregory’s school will now also vote at Moorclose Community Centre. Voters from the CU3 polling district who previously voted at Moorclose Community Centre will now vote at the conference room at the Minto Centre. All electors who previously voted at the Minto Centre will continue to vote there. Every electors affected by these changes has been sent a letter with details of their new polling station. Anyone who is unsure or who requires further help should contact the Electoral Services team on 01900 702550.

The deadline for applying for a postal vote for this election has now passed. However, those who are unable to get to their polling station can apply for a proxy vote by 5pm on Wednesday 13 September. This is where a nominated person – who must be a registered elector - attends the elector’s polling station to cast a vote on their behalf. Anyone wishing to apply for a proxy vote should contact the Electoral Services team on 01900 702550, or email

For those who already have a postal vote in place or who applied for one before the 6 September deadline, the postal vote packs will be sent out on Monday 11 September. Please read the instructions in the pack carefully before completing the enclosed postal vote statement and the ballot paper, then send them back to Allerdale House in the prepaid envelope provided so that they arrive before 10pm on 21 September. Alternatively they can also be returned by hand to Allerdale House by 10pm on 21 September, and on the day of the election they may be handed into either of the two polling stations in the ward between 7am and 10pm.

Full details of the candidates and the notice of election can be found on Allerdale Borough Council’s website at

For all queries about any aspect of the election please call the Electoral Services team on 01900 702550 or email

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