Elections - Frequently Asked Questions

voteHow Do I Register To Vote?

Each year (August/September time) the Electoral Registration Officer conducts a canvass to ascertain who is entitled to be included on the Electoral Register.  A form is delivered to all homes in the Allerdale area, and is based on where you live or will be living on the 15th October.  The resulting register is published on 1st December each year and is available for inspection at our Council Offices.

The Rolling Registration Scheme allows electors to be added to the register throughout the year.

I have just had my 18th Birthday, do I have to wait until the next Electoral Register is prepared before I can vote?

No. As soon as you turn 18 you can vote provided your name is entered on the Electoral Register, you can check if you are registered by contacting the Democratic Services Department. View our contact details below.

Does it matter that I have lost my Poll Card?

No, you can still vote without it.  The poll card is for information only and just makes it easier for the clerk at the Polling Station if you take it with you.  Simply turn up at your Polling Station and give your name and address.  If you didn't receive a Poll Card this could be because you applied for a postal vote, if you don't remember doing so, please contact the Democratic Services Department using the contact details listed below..

How do I vote at the Polling Station?

The Clerk will ask you to confirm your name and address, mark your name off on the Electoral Register and give you a stamped Ballot Paper, make sure that the Ballot Paper is stamped or your vote will not be counted.

I've just found out I'll be away on Polling Day, can I still vote?

Yes, but you need to apply for a Postal Vote or appoint a Proxy to vote on your behalf.  You should do this as soon as possible because have a statutory timetable to follow for each level of election.  If you contact us someone will be able to advise you of the last date for receiving applications.

What happens if I make a mistake on my Ballot Paper?

If you make a mistake on your ballot paper, show it to the clerk at the station and ask for another one, DO NOT place in the ballot box.  The clerk will take your spoilt paper off you and place it in a sealed envelope, then issue you with a new one.

Who are the people who ask for my poll number when I leave the Polling Station?

These people are called tellers and they are used by each of the main political parties to help with their election campaigns.  They have no standing in electoral law and are not connected with the official election process.  You do not have to give them your poll number if you don't want to.

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