Parliamentary and local elections - 2015

On 7 May 2015, the country went to the polls for the general and local elections.

Election results

You can find details of the results of the General Election, Borough election and local elections on our website.

How many elections?

Three different elections were held on May 7: Parliamentary (General Election); Borough (for Allerdale Borough Council); and local town/parish council elections.

What was the situation on the Borough Council prior to the election?

The Labour Group had the most number of seats on the Borough Council prior to the most recent election. There were a number of by-elections since the last election in 2011. However, you can also find the results of the Borough election in 2011.

Who stood for election?

Lists of candidate who are standing for the Parliamentary, Borough and Parish elections can be found in the Statements of Persons Nominated.

Information on the electoral register

If you want to be added to the electoral register, or want to amend your details, more details are available on how to do this.

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