Council’s Commitment to Local Communities

Allerdale Borough Council has launched a campaign to make residents aware of the priorities it aims to deliver over the next three years.Council Plan campaign

Leader of the Council, Councillor Alan Smith, said: "Like many people, the Council is having to make tough decisions about where it spends council tax-payers money.

"There are services which the Council has to deliver by law, such as bin collections, planning and council tax benefits, and there are other services which we do not have to do but which we choose to because we think they are important for our communities, such as economic development, arts and leisure. But there is less and less of this discretionary funding available so we have to prioritise where we are spending it.

"We acknowledge that in the current economic climate we can’t do everything; but we can still make a big difference to people’s lives.

"Our Council Plan, called Commitment to Local Communities, shows our priorities in those discretionary areas that we think will make such a difference: reducing poverty; economic development; town centres; sports, arts and leisure. The Plan details the projects and actions that we promise we will take to improve and benefit our communities - it is our commitment to the people of Allerdale.

"We want to highlight to residents what we are promising we will deliver and as we achieve important milestones in these projects we are going to be flagging it up. That way people can see us keeping our promises and see that we are committed to our communities."

Key projects within the Commitment to Local Communities for 2012-13 include promoting affordable warmth schemes, investment in the Carnegie Theatre, improving the cleanliness of town centres and supporting festivals and events.

Harry Dyke, Chief Executive of Allerdale Borough Council, said: "The Commitment to Local Communities provides a clear focus for staff to work towards and we are fully prepared to deliver the projects for 2012-13."

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