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Harry Dyke, Chief Executive of Allerdale Borough Council
Harry Dyke, Chief Executive of Allerdale Borough Council
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07/04/2011 - Launch of the Council Plan 2011-2015

Allerdale Borough Council has unveiled its Council Plan covering the period 2011 to 2015.

The Council Plan, which is the result of several months’ consultation with local people and key partners, sets out where the Council’s priorities will lie over the next four years.

The Plan reflects the challenges facing the area and the issues that people have told the Council are important to them.

Harry Dyke, the Chief Executive of Allerdale Borough Council said: “The Council Plan sets out the Council’s priorities for the next four years and will shape our future service provision and decision making to build on our vision of making Allerdale a great place to live, work and visit.

“It’s a strategic document that clearly sets out how the Council, along with its partners, can improve the wellbeing and quality of life of our communities up to 2015 and how, together, we can influence the wider county, regional and national picture.

“Each Council service has its own plan, which sets out the operational commitments and service-specific activity. The Council Plan includes those actions and areas of activity that are considered critical to delivering the planned outcomes and priorities.”

The Council Plan is set out over the next four years to tie-in with other strategic spatial and community plans and strategies from partner organisations. Allerdale Borough Council is committed to locality working and to developing integrated services at a local level.

The Plan’s main elements are summarised within seven key strategic objectives:

• Maintain a high quality, clean and green environment in Allerdale
• Ensure the right mix and quality of housing to meet local needs
• Ensure that communities stay safe and feel safe in their everyday lives
• Support and encourage health and wellbeing across Allerdale for both residents and visitors
• Attract and support new and existing businesses
• Create an environment where business can flourish
• Work with communities and partners to develop a flexible approach to delivering services to meet local needs.

The Plan is a working document and will be updated annually to reflect changes to priorities, policies or services. This flexibility is especially important in the current economic climate.

A copy of the Council Plan is available on the Allerdale Borough Council website at


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