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We respond to complaints and representations regarding abandoned vehicles and initiate statutory action to secure their removal.

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

You can report a potentially abandoned vehicle to the Council. Your name, address and contact details will be kept confidential by the Council. Other details about the vehicle will be communicated Abandoned carto the public and other relevant statutory agencies.
  • 59 vehicles were reported to the Council as abandoned in 2012/13
  • 45 reports have been received between April 2013 and February 2014

What action will the Council take?

Where a vehicle is considered by the Council to be abandoned the Council may affix a statutory notice to it or write to the last known keeper. On expiry of the stipulated time period the vehicle will be removed for storage or disposal. The Council will recover costs incurred in removing, storing and disposing of abandoned vehicles from the owner responsible. Burnt out vehicles will be dealt with in accordance with their status (as to whether they have been lost or stolen).

Other vehicles which may appear to be abandoned

Vehicles which are involved in road traffic accidents, broken down, causing an obstruction or are a danger to other road users are the responsibility of the police.

Not having a current vehicle excise licence is not sufficient grounds to decide that a vehicle is abandoned. Such vehicles should be reported to the DVLA on their freephone telephone hotline 0800 032 5202 or email .

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