The term ‘graffiti’ refers to any drawings, paintings or messages that are written, painted or carved on public and private surfaces without the permission of the property owner.
Graffiti defaces property and is often referred to as vandalism.
Help us tackle this problem by reporting it.
Graffiti is a problem because it can:Spot the Grot 1
  • Be offensive. 
  • Make an area appear rundown and neglected.
  • Encourage more anti-social behaviours and crimes.
  • Make people feel frightened and intimidated.
  • Be difficult and expensive to remove.
  • Negatively impact on the local economy as visitors are less likely to want to visit an area defaced by graffiti.

The Law

The following legislation is in place which aims to help local authorities and private land owners to control graffiti in their area:
  • Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005
  • Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003
  • Town and Country Planning Act 1990
  • Criminal Damage Act 1971
  • Local Government Act 2000

Graffiti on public buildings should be reported to the Cleansing department to make arrangements for it to be removed.

The Council will not remove graffiti from any private property.

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