Fire close upThere are no Byelaws about garden bonfires, however if it causes a statutory nuisance, then the Council can use the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to deal with this. You will need to show that the bonfire is a considerable nuisance i.e. if it is a regular occurrence or there is a lot of smoke. Barbecues can also be considered a nuisance, only if they are very regular and the smoke is very bad.

To submit a nuisance report you can do so on our 'myAllerdale' app. Alternatively, you can follow this link to report a nuisance online.

It is an offence for smoke from a bonfire to drift onto a public highway as stated in the Highways Acts. If this is the case, contact the police.

If a bonfire emits dark smoke - as defined by the Clean Air Act 1990 - then an immediate offence is committed and the Council can take action, including prosecution.

Alternatives to using bonfires for garden waste disposal include garden waste collection and composting.

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