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Stray dogs

A stray dog is a dog that is unsupervised in a public place or is found on private land without the permission of the person who owns or occupies that land.

Report a Stray Dog

If you see a stray dog then you can report it using the form above, or ring us on the number shown (office hours, Monday to Friday).

When we find a stray dog we collect the dog and take it to our contracted kennels at Whinmill Farm Kennels, High Harrington, Workington (open seven days a week 9am-5pm). 

If a dog is wearing a collar with tag or if the dog is microchipped we will return it to its home. From April 2016, all dogs are required to be microchipped and further details on microchipping and the law can be found on The Dogs Trust website.

Are there any costs if my dog strays?

If we pick up your stray dog you will have to pay the kennel fees. Allowing your dog to stray is illegal and owners of stray dogs will receive a fine on return of their pet.

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0303 123 1702

Allerdale Borough Council
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