Air pollution

CloudsWe carry out local air quality monitoring and monitor smoke, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides at a number of fixed sites in the Borough. A recent review of air quality showed that overall the air quality in Allerdale is good when compared with national air quality standards.

Regulation of air pollution

The Council has powers to investigate and deal with emissions into the atmosphere which arise from some industrial processes.

Odour pollution

Odours can arise from industrial, commercial or agricultural processes.

We investigate complaints of alleged odour nuisance and take action where appropriate. An odour can, in certain circumstances, be a statutory nuisance. When assessing statutory nuisance, the factors that need to be considered include severity of the odour, how often it occurs, how long it lasts and how it affects you.

If you are affected by an odour in the first instance you should tactfully approach the person or business causing the odour and explain the situation. If this does not bring about an improvement you may contact environmental health for advice or request that we investigate the complaint. You will need to provide the Council with your name and address, details of the odour, when and how long the odour occurs and how it affects you. We may ask you to make a written record of when the problem occurs using the odour recording form which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. You can return this to the Council by posting it to the Environmental Protection Team, Allerdale Borough Council, Allerdale House, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 3YJ.

After gathering the information, the Council will decide on the best way to continue the investigation. If the investigation verified that an odour nuisance exists the Council will write formally to the person or business causing the nuisance or may serve an Abatement Notice requiring the odour nuisance to be stopped.

Sewage sludge

This is a by-product of the treatment of sewage at wastewater treatment works. Water is removed from the sludge and lime is added to produce sewage sludge cake. The Government policy is that the best environmental option is to dispose of sewage sludge on agricultural land. The addition of lime reduces potential for odour, kills bacteria to a safe level and improves its suitability for spreading on agricultural land.

Any environmental problems caused by the storage of sewage sludge are regulated by the Environment Agency.

Odours caused during the spreading of sewage sludge can be investigated by environmental health at the district council. For further information please go to the related links section below.

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