How is waste recycled?

What can be recycled in Allerdale:
Material Collected
How is it Recycled?
Is reprocessed to make new newspapers, hand towels, cardboard packaging or animal bedding.
Glass bottles and jars
Melted down to make new glass bottles and jars.
Cans (food, drink and aerosols)
Aluminium and steel are separated and both are then sent to processing plants.  The steel is sent to Rochdale for new steel girders, and the aluminium to Warrington for aluminium plating.  
Clothes, Shoes and Textiles
Hand sorted and used by local charity organisations.
Fridges and Freezers
Local Company repairs and refurbishes those that are suitable for re-use.
Plastic Bottles Collected from bring sites by local company, baled up and sent out of the County for recycling. There is only a stable market for PET, PETE and HDPE plastic which is why we can accept plastic bottles only.
Garden Waste
The garden waste collected in separate vehicles and is taken to one of two local firms to be used as a soil conditioner.


We now provide a facility for recycling  plastic bottles only, at Tesco and B&Q in Workington, the Co-op in Maryport, Queen Street in Aspatria and Water Street Car Park in Wigton and The Green in Silloth, Broughton Cross, Otley Road in Keswick and Sullart Street Car Park in Cockermouth. We hope to be able to extend this service to other main recycling centres in the Borough.

In line with government legislation, we are aiming to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste that is disposed of at landfill sites (basically an engineered hole in the ground).  Waste that does not biodegrade (rot down) such as cans, glass and plastic sit in the landfill forever.  Waste that is biodegradable (rots down) such as garden waste, food waste, paper and cardboard produces a bi-product called Methane Gas which is a greenhouse gas and contributes to climate change. 

We still need YOUR help to achieve future targets! Allerdale Council's intention is to: encourage householders to think more about their waste reduce the amount of waste encourage more people to participate in recycling schemes that are available at present, and schemes.

As well as newspapers and magazines, cardboard can now also be included in your paper/card recycling bin.  This includes clean pizza boxes, washing powder boxes, cardboard packaging, catalogues and cereal boxes and egg boxes.

We believe that people want the council to work hard for both a clean and healthy environment. One of the key ways in which we propose to achieve this is by working with local communities, including local businesses and other organisations, to ensure that waste is dealt with in an environmentally friendly way. This means more recycling, and reducing the waste sent to landfill sites.

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