Animals - dead

The Council provides a free collection of animals killed on the highways. With the exception of cats and dogs no further action is necessary. If the dead animal is a dog or a cat every attempt should be made to locate a name or address or tag number for the animal. Any information obtained must be passed on to the Environmental Wardens.

To report a dead animal for removal please follow this link


Domestic property

The Council will, if requested to do so, remove dead domestic pets, ie dogs or cats. The householder must ensure that the body has been double bagged and is left outside the property before removal. These animals can then be taken to the landfill site.Smaller animals such as gerbils, hamsters, fish etc should be placed in the normal refuse collection.

Dead animals are washed up on Allerdale's beaches from time to time, especially sheep. These bodies must be removed. A number of other animals can be washed up on the beaches such as whales, dolphins, porpoises. Allerdale Borough Council can be contacted by any of the methods below to report dead animals on beaches.

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