Trade waste bins and collections

Allerdale Borough Council's trade waste service offers a flexible collection service to business customers, including a choice of bin sizes for refuse and paper/card recycling. We have included a guide to each bin type to help you decide what bin types might suit your needs best.

See our section on recycling for advice on recycling services we can provide. Please note that no fluids or hazardous waste can be placed in our containers.

Current prices for all bin types are included in the Cleansing section of the Council's Fees and Charges, however please note that the Council will consider matching genuine quotes from other legitimate service providers.

1100 litre1100L Bin

This is the industrial size bin on four wheels. It can either have a roll top or a flat lid. The features are lockable lids and foot brakes. This size bin is used by such businesses as restaurants, pubs and hotels.       

  • Height 1300mm
  • Width 1360mm
  • Depth 1070mm
  • Equivalent to 18-19 bags                    


360 litre

360L Bin

This is a two wheeled container and is the next size up from the standard wheelie bin. It is popular with shops, food outlets and large guest houses. 

  • Height 1090mm
  • Width 620mm
  • Depth 880mm
  • Equivalent to 5-6 bags 



240 litre 240L Bin

This is a two wheeled container and is the standard size wheelie bin for trade waste. This bin is commonly used by holiday accommodations in the ‘red topped bin service’. It is also used by premises such as offices.

  • Height 1070mm
  • Width 585mm
  • Depth 740 mm
  • Equivalent to 3-4 bags



120 litre120L Bin

This is a two wheeled container and is the same size as the domestic black refuse and green paper bins. It is used by small holiday accommodations, small businesses and premises with little space to store a bin.

  • Height 970mm
  • Width 480mm
  • Depth 550mm
  • Equivalent to 1-2 bags


Orange sack service

An orange sack service is available for premises with very little or no storage for a wheeled refuse container. The bags are also used by businesses that have very little residual waste. The bags are available in packs of 52, 26 or 12 depending on the frequency of collection required.

Recycling trade waste

Allerdale Borough Council trade waste service can offer paper and card recycling collections to businesses. Our business customers can also be considered for free bottle and can bins where appropriate to the business and the site (subject to inspection and risk assessment).

Recycle for Cumbria can also provide you with more information on recycling and reducing your waste.

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