Harbour Lights

Maryport Harbour LightsA programme of art commissions for Maryport

Alongside the refurbishment of Maryport's flood defences, funds were raised through the Arts Council Lottery and from a variety of other sources for a project organised by Allerdale Borough Council that would involve artists in making distinctive works of art for the public realm in Maryport. The scheme was supported by Cumbria Arts in Education, Cumbria County Council, Maryport Developments Ltd and the West Lakes Renaissance Fund.

Ceramicist Paul Scott was commissioned to design tiles for the North Harbour flood defence wall which starts at Tongue Pier and heads towards the town. The designs were inspired by images of fish, waves, Roman objects from the Senhouse Museum, details of old maps, and even fragments of old wallpaper from a local Georgian house.

Maryport Harbour LightsArtist Tony Stallard works with film and new technologies and created a work for the end of Tongue Pier on the former Port Light Mast. His looped film of a single eye blinking was developed out of an idea about keeping watch over the sea. He also placed a red neon hoop at the top of the mast which slowly phases on and off and is only visible at night. The hoop is a reference to the motion of the waves, slow breathing and the original purpose of the mast as a navigation aid.

Writing team Liar Inc. worked with young people at Maryport's Netherhall School. Together they created a series of couplets describing the experience of life on the west coast from the perspective of young people. Sculptor and letter-cutter Alan Ward carved the words in stone which were then set into the deck of Tongue Pier. Alan mentored two local artists working with stone during the project.

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