Evaluating your festival or event

Evaluation is essential to learn from events. The benefits of good evaluation include:

- providing evidence of the successes and potentially less successful elements of the event;
- improving practice and performance;
- showing others that you are effective;
- understanding the impacts of your work.

Evaluation can be useful to provide feedback to your funders and partners, which can ultimately help to justify future funding for events. A funder who can see that an applicant is committed to evaluation knows that their money won’t be wasted. Even if the applicant is trying experimental events that might not succeed in their aims, the learning about why this happens will be valuable to other event organisers.

Evaluating loops the management process back to the planning stage. It measures the proposed goals and objectives against the actual outcome or results. What did you do, who did it, and how was it done? What worked, what didn't, and what do you recommend for next year?

An organisation that may help you to evaluate your festival or event is:

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