Marketing your festival or event

Active marketing of you festival or event raises awareness of it within your local community and further afield, encouraging people to attend and making your hard work a success.

How to let people know about your event?

Don’t expect people to flock to your event if you rely on a poster and some leaflets displayed at the venue. You will only reach a small audience and miss the opportunity of attracting more people.

Consider your target audience and get information about your event out into the community and in places that people are using on a daily basis, like:

  • Post offices
  • Doctors, family clinics
  • Nursery groups
  • Churches
  • Local shops, hairdressers
  • Youth clubs
  • Community centre/village halls

Events listings and websites

Advertise your event on the Allerdale Borough Council website and enter the details of your event as instructed. This will get your event publicised free on our events page.  

 You can also advertise your festivals and events at:

If you want to attract a large audience you may also want to take out a small advertisement in the local paper to give your event a higher profile.

Social media

Social Media is a great way to connect with a wide range of people that you may not engage with through more traditional forms of marketing. Sites like Facebook and Twitter appeal to younger audiences and details of your event can very quickly reach a large audience.


Think of all the people who read local newsletters, such as:

  • Tenants & Residents Association newsletters
  • Local community newsletters
  • Parish Council bulletins

Bear in mind that these publications will all have deadline dates for print, some may be monthly, others may be bi-monthly etc. Therefore find out in advance the deadline date by which they require information.

Printed material – posters and flyers

When producing your own publicity material remember that people need clear information that tells them the What, Where and When of your event. Make sure you use plain English, avoiding jargon, abbreviations or acronyms.

Use inclusive language and phrases such as "all welcome"; "come along with a friend"; "to find out more information contact……".

Detail the facilities, including whether parents can bring young children, the availability of wheelchair access and whether refreshments will be available.

If you use photographs of people, use positive images that reflect your target audience ie multicultural, disabled, young/old, male/female etc. Most importantly however, you should obtain the consent from the subjects concerned before using their photograph for public release.

Key inclusions in posters/flyers:

  • Name of the event
  • Venue
  • Date and time
  • Contact number
  • Access facilities
  • Entrance fee, if any
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