Planning applications

The planning department works with applicants, developers and stakeholders to consider and decide on planning applications. This can range from a new extension to a house to a major wind farm. The overall aim is to deliver the spatial plan and encourage sustainable development.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to have contact with the planning department with regard to planning applications:

There is a proposed development which I wish to view and comment on

The easiest way to do this is to use the search facility to find the planning application you require. You will then be able to make a comment on the application. Before submitting a comment, you may like to consider what aspects of the application are relevant for comment. If you have a smartphone you can also use our new 'layar' application to view applications whilst out and about.

You can also view current planning applications which have been received or decided on within the last 12 weeks.

I wish to find out about a planning decision

Recent decisions can be found via the weekly list. Use the search facility to see the outcome of older applications.

I am a householder/business/developer who wishes to improve my home or business

There are a number of steps to making a planning application for any future development. These include:

If you are making an application for a major development such as a housing estate, you may like to consider requesting a screening opinion in order to find out whether an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be required to accompany your application. If the development requires an EIA then you can also request a scoping opinion to find out what information should be included.

Remember with most developments you may still need to consider the Building Regulations.

I've received a Decision Notice from the Council which I wish to contest

As an applicant you may be able to appeal against a decision made by the Planning Authority to the Planning Inspector.

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