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Once you have determined you require planning permission you may like some pre-application advice before submitting a full proposal. We can confirm what information is required to support your application and provide you with the best chance of a successful outcome.

Ways to submit your application

Planning applications made to Allerdale Borough Council can be submitted in two ways. Our preferred way is via the Planning Portal:

  • Online via the Planning Portal 
  • Hard copies submitted in person or by post to the address shown

You may submit an application yourself, or, depending on the nature of the application, choose a professional agent to submit it for you.

Applying online

Applying online through the Planning Portal allows you to complete application forms and attach drawings electronically. The online process ensures that all required plans and documents are submitted, and should reduce the likelihood of delays occurring through the return of incomplete submissions.

Please see the fee payment section below for further information on how to pay for your application.

Applying in person

Applications can be submitted directly to the Council, either in person or by post. Copies of the relevant application forms can be downloaded and printed off via the links above. Please note that a single copy will be required of all the information accompanying your completed application.

Completed applications should be submitted at our Allerdale House office in Workington at the address shown. If you would like the application to be checked for validation on deposit an additional charge will be incurred, however if you wish to leave the application on deposit in reception it will be checked for validation as part of the registration process at no additional charge.

Types of application

You can make any of the following application types, all of which can be made via the Planning Portal.

  • Householder development  
  • Full, outline or reserved matters
  • Amendments to approved applications
  • Change of use
  • Advertisement consent
  • Certificate of lawful development
  • Listed building consent
  • Discharging of planning conditions
  • Variation or removal of planning conditions

Submission requirements

Different types of applications will require different levels of information and supporting documentation to be submitted. A core list of requirements are set out at national level which apply in all cases. In addition, further information may be required to explain the impacts of the proposal, which are known as local list requirements and are contained in the Council’s local information checklist. This is information that will be required before a decision is made on your planning application.

Application fee

Most applications require a fee which will differ depending on the type of application, or alternatively you can use the on-line fee checker within the Planning Portal.

Fee payment

You can pay your fees electronically via the Planning Portal. Payment of the fees for all applications can therefore be done in the following ways:

  • Online via the Planning Portal
  • By phone with a debit/credit card on 0303 123 1702.
  • By cheque - made payable to ‘Allerdale Borough Council’ (applications made online should include the Planning Portal reference number on the back of the cheque)
  • In person at our Allerdale House office in Workington at the address shown
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