Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1)

Pre-Submission Draft - May 2013

Consultation on the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1) Pre-Submission Draft has concluded.  If you have made a representation to the draft Plan your comments will now be considered and passed to the Planning Inspector.  You will be notified when the Plan is submitted to the Secretary of State for examination.

The Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1) Pre-Submission Draft was agreed at Council on 6 March 2013 for formal publication prior to its submission to the Secretary of State for independant examination.

Local Plan Part 1

Earlier stages of consultation focussed on the content and strategy of the plan. Having considered all the comments received during these consultations, and having regard for any new evidence brought forward, we are now publishing a plan which we consider to be sound.

View the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1) Pre Submission Draft.

Representations at this publication stage, can only be made regarding the "soundness" of the plan and whether it has been prepared in accordance with legal and procedural requirements.

This includes making sure that the plan is:

  • positively prepared
  • justified
  • effective
  • consistent with national policy


Pre-submission Draft - Accompanying Documents

Sustainability Appraisal

A sustainability appraisal (SA) identifies and evaluates the impact of a plan and suggests ways to avoid or reduce any adverse impacts arising from the plan as well as maximising positive impacts. Undertaking a sustainability appraisal of the Allerdale Local Plan is a statutory requirement of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

Habitats Regulation Assessment

Under Regulation 48 of the Habitats Regulations 1994 an Appropriate Assessment (AA) is required when a plan would be likely to have a significant effect on a European wildlife site. An Appropriate Assessment is a self contained step in a wider decision making process, the conclusion of which has enabled the Council to understand whether a proposal or plan would adversely affect the integrity of protected wildlife and habitats, and therefore develop appropriate policy and strategy.

Health and Equality Impact Assessments

The aim of the Health Impact Assessment and Equality Impact Assessment is to identify potential health and equality outcomes of the Plan, both adverse and beneficial. It also looks at the distribution of these potential outcomes among those community groups considered sensitive.

Strategy for Infrastructure

This document seeks to provide a baseline with regards to current physical, social and green infrastructure items in the Borough and then consider the implications of the growth strategy set out in the Local Plan on those items. The aim and purpose of this document is to ensure that any potential deficits in infrastructure that could prevent the identified growth targets from being met are identified.

Consultation Statement

This document outlines how we consulted on the draft Local Plan at earlier stages, including Issues and Options and Preferred Options. This statement explains how consultation has been carried out at various key stages in the preparation of the Local Plan and which methods of communication were used. A full summary of the representations made at these stages, and the Council’s responses, will be available to view shortly.

Topic Papers

Topic papers have been produced in order to present a coordinated view of some of the main evidence that has been considered in drafting the emerging Local Plan policies. It is intended that these papers will make it easier to understand how the Council have reached its conclusions.

Supporting Evidence and Background Studies

The Local Plan is supported by a number of evidence base documents that have both informed the preparation of policies, and will be used to help implement policies over the plan period.  These documents accompany the Plan and as appropriate will be kept up-to-date over the plan period.

Evidence has been collected in all key areas of policy and studies carried out covering, housing, employment, retail, climate change and energy, transport, environment, communities and infrastructure. 

Statement of Community Involvement

A Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) has to be produced by the Council as part of the Local Plan.  The SCI sets out the minimum requirements which the Council must carry out when consulting at each stage of the preparation of the Local Plan and on any other planning matters.

The Council's first SCI was produced in 2006 and was adopted in 2007 following consultation and examination. The SCI was updated during 2009 and the refreshed version adopted in 2010 to reflect significant changes in the Local Plan process.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) identifies the documents that will make up the Local Development Framework and sets out a programme of work for their preparation. 

Previous Stages of the Allerdale Local Plan

Preferred Options

Further information shall be available shortly.

Issues and Options

Further information shall be available shortly.


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