Emerging Settlement Hierarchy

The spatial strategy set out in the Policy S3 of Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1) Strategic and Development Management Polcies DPD has been translated into an emerging settlement hierarchy consisting of 5 tiers: Principal Service Centre, Key Services Centres, Local Service Centres, Limited Growth Villages and Infill and Rounding Off Villages.

Principal Service Centre:

Workington (including Harrington, Seaton and Siddick)

In the emerging settlement hierarchy Workington has been designated as the Principal Service Centre in recognition of its role as the main housing, employment and retail centre. As such it will take the largest share of the future growth and new development in the Borough.

Key Service Centres:

Aspatria, Cockermouth, Maryport, Silloth, Wigton     

In the emerging settlement hierarchy the Key Service Centres have been designated on the basis that they are the recognised urban centres and offer a good range of services. These towns will take a smaller proportion of growth and new development than Workington but of a scale that will allow them to expand in a sustainable manner and continue to support the rural hinterlands which they serve.

Local Service Centres:

Abbeytown, Allonby, Brigham, Broughton, Broughton Moor, Dearham, Flimby, Great Clifton, Kirkbride, Prospect, Thursby

The Local Service Centres have been selected on the basis of having a shop, school and public transport. It was considered that the presence of these services were a good basis on which to allow modest growth in the areas outside of the main settlements. These villages will accommodate a much smaller scale of new development. The objective here is to facilitate sustainable rural growth, deliver local affordable housing and support appropriate forms of rural enterprise.

Limited Growth Villages:

Blencogo, Blitterlees, Branthwaite, Bridekirk, Bolton-Low-Houses, Bothel, Crosby, Dean, Eaglesfield, Fletchertown, Glasson, Gilcrux, Greysouthen, Ireby, Kirkbampton, Little Clifton/Bridgefoot, Mawbray, Newton Arlosh, Plumbland, Skinburness, Tallentire

Infill / Rounding Off Villages:

Anthorn, Blennerhasset, Bowness-on-Solway, Broughton Cross, Camerton, Crosby Villa, Deanscales, Dovenby, Hayton, Langrigg, Little Bampton    Mockerkin, Oughterside, Oulton, Papcastle, Pardshaw, Parsonby, Port Carlisle, Torpenhow, Ullock, Waverton, Westnewton

In the emerging settlement hierarchy the Limited Growth and Infill/Rounding Off Villages have been identified by taking the settlements designated as either a limited growth village or an infill village in the current Local plan and applying an additional requirement for each settlement to be located within 2.5 miles from a primary school. In these settlements a limited level of development will be supported in order to help retain the vitality of these communities.

In the Limited Growth Villages, new housing and employment development will be restricted to small scale schemes within the designated settlement limits. Within the Infill/Rounding Off Villages settlement limits will be removed and very small scale rounding off and infill development will be directed by a criteria based policy contained within the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1) Strategic and Development Management Polcies DPD.

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