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Assurance, Risk and Audit

The purpose of Assurance Risk & Audit is to provide independent assurance, advice and guidance to the council’s officers, management and elected Members on the arrangements in place for governance, risk management and internal controls.

Programme of work

Assurance Risk & Audit’s programme of work is set out in an annual risk based Internal Audit Plan. The plan is prepared in consultation with the senior managers of the organisation and is designed to provide assurance over the areas of highest risk to the council. The plan is approved annually by the Audit Committee, which then receives regular progress reports during the year on progress against the plan and a summary of the outcomes of Assurance Risk & Audit’s work.

Audit standards and independence

Assurance Risk & Audit work conforms with the mandatory Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS) which apply to all public sector internal auditors in the UK.

Whilst the Assurance Risk & Audit team is part of Allerdale Borough Council, the Standards make it clear that Internal Audit work must be carried out independently and an Assurance, Risk and Audit Charter is in place to detail how this independence is maintained.

The work of Assurance Risk & Audit over the year allows the Assurance Risk & Audit Manager to form her annual audit opinion as required by the PSIAS. The opinion is set out within the annual internal audit report to Audit Committee which provides elected Members with assurance over the council’s arrangements for governance, risk management and internal control.

Audit opinion and assurance monitoring

The annual internal audit opinion is also a key contributor to the council’s Annual Governance Statement (found in the Statement of Accounts) which brings together all the various sources of assurance across the Council. The Annual Governance Statement contains an action plan to address any significant governance issues arising from the various sources of assurance.

Assurance Risk & Audit adds value by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management and internal control processes.

Download the Internal Audit charter

Download the Internal Audit strategic plan

External audit - the Annual Audit Letter

Each year the Council receives an annual audit letter from its external auditors. This letter summarises the conclusions and significant issues arising from the Audit Commissions recent Audit and Inspections of the Council.

Download the Annual Audit Letter 2018/19
Download the Annual Audit Letter 2017/18
Download the Annual Audit Letter 2016/17
Download the Annual Audit Letter 2015/16
Download the Annual Audit Letter 2014/15