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Allerdale Borough Council's Vision and Council Plan

Our vision

Our Vision for Allerdale is to make it a Great Place to Live, Work and Visit.

Everything we do as a Council should be aimed at improving the lives of our residents and visitors. 

Allerdale is a place where all residents have the opportunity to engage in local decision making with many people participating and taking pride in their community. Everyone has access to excellent Council services and facilities.

Residents enjoy a clean and green environment and there is an abundance of recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities, taking advantage of the built and natural assets.

There is a wide range of housing types available, all of high quality and meeting environmental standards in communities where residents are safe, where life expectancy is not affected by where they live and where community spirit thrives.

Allerdale is a place where businesses choose to locate themselves, where there is a skilled and motivated workforce, and where there is access to markets both physically and virtually. The area includes a large numbers of entrepreneurs taking advantage of a flourishing business community creating jobs and wealth for local people.

Local residents in Allerdale are able to take up a range of employment opportunities and have the ability to travel within the area. There are many prospects for learning and development, creating a “can do” attitude within the workforce. Young people aspire to remain in the area and have access to a range of careers and opportunities.

Allerdale is a world-class tourist destination with worldwide attraction. Visitors have access to a wide range of cultural opportunities that complements the natural beauty that dominates the district. Visitors are always made welcome, so much so that they cannot wait to return.

Council Plan 2015-2019

The Council sets out its priorities within its Council Plan. Key projects ensure these priorities are met.

The Plan, which will be reviewed and updated annually, has five key themes. They are:

  • Tackling inequality
  • Strengthening our economy
  • Enhancing our towns
  • Improving health and well-being
  • Creating a sustainable business


Download our Council Plan

Download our Council Plan - narrative

Download Allerdale Borough Council's Business Plan 2018/19  and Download the business plan's appendix

Commitments in the Council Plan

The Plan commits the Council to help and support people in a number of ways. These include: promoting safe and affordable sources of credit; working to create more affordable housing; helping people get the skills and education they need for the jobs market; protecting and promoting health and well-being; and providing access to quality leisure and cultural activities.

It also outlines how the Council will encourage business growth through the Allerdale Investment Partnership and improving the infrastructure of the area. The Council will seek to support the development of renewable energy, encourage tourism and ensure the vibrancy and attractiveness of our town centres.

The Council will also become a more sustainable business by reviewing and improving the way it provides services, improving its procurement practices, and becoming more efficient and effective through the investment in ICT. It will continue to provide the high quality front-line services which residents and visitors expect.

It has been devised following several months of consultation with partners and the public in order to discover the key issues and challenges faced by the borough.

Key strategies linked to the Council Plan

There are a number of key strategies which work alongside the Council Plan. These are:

The Council also developed an Equality Impact Assessment to work alongside the Council Plan:

Download the Council Plan Equality Impact Assessment