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Allerdale Borough Council's Vision and Council Plan

Our vision

Our Vision for Allerdale is to make it a Great Place to Live, Work and Visit.

Everything we do as a Council should be aimed at improving the lives of our residents and visitors. 

Allerdale is a place where all residents have the opportunity to engage in local decision making with many people participating and taking pride in their community. Everyone has access to excellent Council services and facilities.

Residents enjoy a clean and green environment and there is an abundance of recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities, taking advantage of the built and natural assets.

There is a wide range of housing types available, all of high quality and meeting environmental standards in communities where residents are safe, where life expectancy is not affected by where they live and where community spirit thrives.

Allerdale is a place where businesses choose to locate themselves, where there is a skilled and motivated workforce, and where there is access to markets both physically and virtually. The area includes a large numbers of entrepreneurs taking advantage of a flourishing business community creating jobs and wealth for local people.

Local residents in Allerdale are able to take up a range of employment opportunities and have the ability to travel within the area. There are many prospects for learning and development, creating a “can do” attitude within the workforce. Young people aspire to remain in the area and have access to a range of careers and opportunities.

Allerdale is a world-class tourist destination with worldwide attraction. Visitors have access to a wide range of cultural opportunities that complements the natural beauty that dominates the district. Visitors are always made welcome, so much so that they cannot wait to return.

Council Plan 2019-2023

The Council sets out its priorities within its Council Plan. Key projects ensure these priorities are met.

The Council Plan below was agreed in March 2019. Since the local elections in May 2019, the Council is looking to devise a new, ten-year, plan. This is currently out for consultation.

The Plan agreed in March 2019, which will be reviewed and updated annually, has three key key themes. These are:

  • Economic opportunity and growth
  • Stronger and healthier communities
  • Quality places to live

There is also an overarching theme which is "Transforming the Council"

Download our Council Plan


Download Allerdale Borough Council's Business Plan 2018/19  and Download the business plan's appendix

Commitments in the Council Plan

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Welcome to Allerdale Borough Council’s Council Plan for 2019 to 2023.

We have long term ambitions for our area - to make it a thriving place with a bright future - and this plan sets out our contribution over the next 4 years towards making those ambitions a reality. We are determined to improve lives and life chances for everyone in Allerdale and this commitment underpins all our priorities in this plan.

We have seen significant reductions in funding since 2010 and the next few years will see continued pressure on the Council’s finances. But, we are determined to do the best for our communities and not let this challenge hamper our ambitions. Instead we will innovate, seek new ways of working whether through technology or collaboration, and find ways to make the money we have work better for our communities.

Driving growth is critical to maintaining and creating good quality jobs for people, in turn helping to reduce poverty and create a sustainable economy for the future. Achieving growth is also vital to provide the funding that will allow the Council to deliver the high quality services that we know our residents expect.

Building on our previous actions we intend to embark on a substantial programme of regeneration and investment – providing new infrastructure for housing, leisure, business, public realm, tourism and investment opportunities. We will use our ability to secure and generate funding to invest significantly in the future of our district to the benefit of everyone who lives, works and visits here, contributing to the future sustainability of our area for years to come.

This Council Plan tells you about what we will achieve for Allerdale and sets out the things we will focus on over the next four years to deliver on our vision and priorities.

Click on the tabs to find our more about our plans for the next four years.

Allerdale’s businesses thrive and grow, we attract new businesses to the area and create quality jobs.

What are we going to do?

Support businesses to thrive, grow and invest

We will support growth in the volume and range of jobs on offer through high quality business support activity, using our Local Plan to support sustainable growth, and investing in creating and growing local businesses through initiatives such as the Allerdale Loans Fund. Through our Regeneration and Investment Programme we will deliver ambitious projects such as the new stadium for Workington, providing a fantastic sporting and community facility as well as supporting local businesses by making the place more attractive to investors.

We will work hard with our partners to create the right conditions for growth including activity to improve connectivity and infrastructure across our area. This means road and rail infrastructure, but also broadband and business accommodation. We will look for opportunities to create and improve business accommodation so that there are quality places for enterprise and business to thrive.

We will continue to play our part as an employer by paying the Foundation Living Wage to our staff and encourage others to do the same including our major contractors. We want to increase the amount we spend with local businesses so will be buying more goods and services locally where we can.

Attract new businesses

All of the activity set out above will help to attract new businesses to our area. We will also continue to put energy into promoting the area as a great place to do business to help create more varied work opportunities and make our local economy less reliant on a small number of business types.

Improve people’s skills to succeed

We will use our influence and partnerships to ensure that unemployed people in Allerdale, those who currently have few employment choices, and young people coming into the world of work, have the skills training and advantages they need to access jobs and build a career.

Develop key economic sectors such as tourism to create jobs

We will build on our efforts to promote the area as a fantastic place to visit, encouraging more people to come and see the amazing landscapes and heritage that we have to offer. Parts of our district are in two different World Heritage Sites (the Lake District National Park and Hadrian’s Wall) and the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - we want to build on the draw of these special places to encourage more people to explore Allerdale and all it has to offer.

Supporting businesses, festivals, arts and sporting events will also be an important activity to ensure that there is a wide range of quality facilities and things to do for visitors to the area and our residents alike.

Success measures:

  • Growth in numbers of jobs in Allerdale
  • Growth in numbers of businesses in Allerdale
  • Increase in net domestic migration of working age people into the
  • district
  • Increase in proportion of working age with Level 3 and 4
  • qualifications

What are we going to do?

Encourage healthy, active lifestyles

With our health colleagues we will work to tackle healthy weight issues, promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles to try and reduce levels of obesity, particularly in children. We are well placed to offer a range of opportunities to participate in sport, arts, and leisure activities to help improve health and wellbeing directly through our leisure centres or by supporting other events, facilities and activities such as cycling and walking – making the best use of our fantastic natural environment. Our plans for a new community stadium in Workington build on the success of the nearby leisure centre, helping to improve access to high quality sport and leisure facilities for our residents.

Keep people safe and well

We will make sure that we effectively deliver our range of functions to keep people safe and well including: monitoring food safety, air and water quality; licensing; and using our powers to make Public Space Protection Orders. We will continue to work hard to tackle fuel poverty through schemes to help people reduce their energy bills and make homes cheaper to heat. We will help to prevent homelessness, helping those who face pressures that could tip them into homelessness, as well as supporting those who are already homeless.

We will work with key partners such as the Police through the West Cumbria Community Safety Partnership and the Allerdale Local Focus Hub to address our communities’ community safety issues and concerns so people can enjoy their homes and neighbourhoods.

Support and engage with our communities

We have had a strong focus on addressing inequality and poverty for a number of years and are recommitting to tackling these issues here. We will continue our work with partners to address poverty - both in terms of helping those in urgent need through activity such as supporting foodbanks and food initiatives, and working on activity to help people longer term by improving job opportunities, skills and resilience.

We recognise how important it is to find ways to build confidence and capacity within communities. Local community groups and events run by local people with commitment and passion are vitally important and we will look for ways to support these, through advice and assistance. We have already worked with local communities to transfer some important community facilities such as parks to town and parish councils, bringing them back under more local control, and will continue to look for opportunities to give local communities more influence over local facilities and services. We need to maintain our awareness of local needs by talking to parish and town councils and
community groups, and explore new ways to deliver services with them. We will also explore ways to support our councillors more as community leaders.

Success measures:

  • Declining trend in overweight and obese children (Reception age)

  • Increased numbers of physically active adults

  • Reduced health inequalities

What are we going to do?

Keep places clean, green and tidy

We will maintain the high quality refuse and recycling service that our residents value and will continue our efforts to increase recycling rates. We will focus on improving the cleanliness of our streets and public places where residents have told us improvements are required, taking enforcement action where we need to tackle environmental crime.

We will continue to carry out proactive and enforcement work to protect and enhance our built and natural surroundings, whether that is dealing with eyesore properties in our towns or enhancing our high quality natural environment, making sure we have healthier natural systems and habitats.

Help towns and villages to thrive

We will help our towns and villages to thrive through activity to support and improve leisure and cultural facilities, access to shops and services as well as activity to improve the way places look and feel through activity such as our popular facelift schemes.

We have committed to implementing the Maryport Regeneration Scheme to enhance the vitality of the town – increasing tourism and employment opportunities, and giving a boost to the local economy. This will include physical improvements to the promenade, harbour and town centre as well as aiming to address some of the underlying issues that must be influenced if the town is to become truly successful.

Deliver quality homes for growth

We will use our planning policies and powers to ensure that the right new homes are delivered in the right places to meet existing and future need and support economic growth and the sustainability of our area.

We want to take stronger action to ensure that new housing is of a good quality and that we maximise contributions from housing developers towards infrastructure improvements and affordable housing. We will continue to work with developers to try and find ways to unlock development where sites have stalled.

Make sure we have suitable, affordable, decent homes for all

New build, conversions and bringing empty properties back into use all need to be part of the mix to ensure we have a good range and supply of homes. We will continue to focus on providing affordable homes (both to buy and to rent) where they are needed most across the district. The ways that we will do this include supporting Community Land Trusts, securing the maximum numbers of affordable units we can as part of new developments, and working closely with housing associations to make sure there are enough social rented properties.

We will actively work to intervene and bring forward development where we see gaps in provision using council land or delivery mechanisms as appropriate. One of the things we are working on is the creation of a housing company as a vehicle for us to be able to do this more successfully.

To provide for the changing needs that people have through their lifetimes we will continue to deliver our successful grants scheme to enable people to stay in their own homes for longer through adaptations. We will also work with partners to ensure that suitable housing is developed for our ageing population.

We will work to improve the quality of housing in the private sector through inspection and appropriate enforcement, including the private rented sector. We will actively engage with private landlords to provide advice and information and take action against those landlords who don’t meet their responsibilities.

Success measures:

  • More affordable housing developed
  • Improved satisfaction with cleanliness of streets and public places

Transforming the Council

We will make sure we can carry on delivering high quality, value for money services by finding ways to do things differently and better, and by generating income and savings. We will make sure we are in a healthy financial position so that we can deliver vital improvements to the area.

Transforming the Council is fundamental to being able to deliver the priorities set out in this Plan.

We have managed our finances well over the past years and have successfully made changes and savings whilst still offering high quality services to our residents. However, we face a substantial financial challenge over the lifetime of this Plan as local government financing undergoes a fundamental change – by 2021 we expect to have no revenue support grant from Government which means that all of our income will have to come from council tax, business rates and other streams such as investments or service income.

We will need to develop some innovative and collaborative approaches to continue to be able to provide the best public services we possibly can and provide the resource to achieve the ambitions set out in this Plan.

What are we going to do?

As an organisation we need to look at the way the Council works to make best use of the resources that we have, and find ways to generate more income. Exploring creative ways in which we can deliver services for less will also be essential. Our staff and elected members are key to the sustainability and success of the Council so we need to continue to support and invest in them to make sure that they can help to shape and change the organisation.

Through our Transformation and Commercialisation and Regeneration and Investment Programmes we will:

  • Review and redesign processes to provide a better service to customers
  • Look for better ways of working and innovative approaches to service delivery – this may lead to different ways of delivering
  • services jointly with partners or through other organisations.
  • Make the best use of technology to improve services, both behind the scenes and to help people access a range of services better
  • Support people to access services in different ways, to provide choice to people with busy lives, whether that is by accessing services online, on the phone or through local contact points.
  • Improve the ways we commission and procure services and goods and manage contracts to make sure we are getting maximum benefit for the Council and the area.
  • Look at how we can generate more income from our existing trading services or selling other services.
  • Find ways to generate income for the Council that will help to fund local services. We will invest in commercial opportunities that support our priorities and bring money into Allerdale and the Council such as our recent investments at Lillyhall and Reedlands Road in Workington to provide business accommodation.
  • Continue to make the most of all the assets in our control, whether this is identifying ways we can build homes on council land or making the most efficient use of properties and land through our Asset Management Plan.
  • Continue to invest in our people to provide them with the skills they need, developing our commercial skills for example, as well as investing in them as individuals, supporting their health and wellbeing needs to develop a  confident, healthy, productive and flexible workforce who are ready for change.

Making sure that we continue to have good governance arrangements is vital if we are to be a strong organisation making sound decisions. We need to ensure that our elected members are well trained and well informed so that they can operate as effective community leaders able to build positive partnerships and relationships, work successfully with communities, and effectively influence and work with partners – we will therefore continue to deliver an annual councillor development programme and look for additional ways that members can be supported.

Success measures:

  • Increased satisfaction with services
  • High resident satisfaction with the way the Council runs things
  • An increased percentage of residents who agree the Council provides value for money
  • Achievement of savings and income targets