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Easter waste collections and opening hours

In the week beginning, 22 April, all collections will be a day later with collections usually due on Friday 26 April being carried out on Saturday 27 April. Collections return to normal in the following week. Find out more.


Elections - May 2019

Find out more about the local elections on 2 May 2019, including how to register to vote, how to apply for a postal or proxy vote and who is standing for election. You can also see a full breakdown of the results in 2015. You can also find out about the European Parliament elections on 23 May 2019.

Community Triggers and Anti-Social Behaviour?

Crime prevention

If someone has reported Anti-Social Behaviour but no action has been taken, they will be able to tell us about it under the Community Trigger.

The Community Trigger helps us and you by making sure that no-one suffering the effects of anti-social behaviour falls through the net and ensures that all that can be done is being done.

What is Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)?

Anti-social behaviour is behaviour that has caused or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person.

The reporting threshold is:

  • Complainants have reported three or more incidents relating to the same problem in the past six months to the Council, Police or their Registered Social Landlord, and no action has been taken or
  • Different complainants have made five reports about the same problem in the past six months to the Council, Police or their Registered Social Landlord and no action has been taken or
  • One incident or crime motivated by hate on the basis of protected characteristics (race, sexual orientation, gender, disability etc) in the last three months and no action has been taken.

What is meant by "no action taken"?

  • The reported problems have not been acknowledged, that is: no one contacted the customer to advise what action would be taken.
  • The reported problems have not been appropriately investigated.
  • The customers vulnerability and/or the potential for harm has not been considered and this has affected potential service delivery.
  • No action has been taken because information has not been shared between partners and this has affected potential service delivery.

What is not suitable for a Community Trigger?

  • If someone has reported Anti-Social Behaviour and received a service but the problems are ongoing; or Complaints that are thought to be prejudicial, discriminatory, malicious, unreasonable, vexatious or frivolous. They will be advised to contact the agency they are working with to tell them what is happening.
  • If someone has reported Anti-Social Behaviour and received a service but they’re unhappy with the service received or action taken. They will be advised to submit a complaint under the agency’s complaints procedures.
  • If someone has reported complaints of ASB that are over six months old. These will not activate a Community Trigger
  • If someone does not report the ASB within one month of the ASB taking place. This cannot be used to activate a Community Trigger

What is the Community Trigger Process?

  1. Download and complete the referral form , outlining the incidents which have occurred and which you believe meet the Community Trigger definition. You can also contact us by phone or use our online general enquiries form.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgment within two working days.
  3. Designated officers from Allerdale Borough Council, Cumbria Constabulary, Housing Providers and the Clinical Commissioning Group will review your request to determine whether the trigger criteria are met.  The reporting person may be contacted to provide further information and information may need to be shared between agencies. You will be notified within 10 days of whether the Trigger Criteria have been met.
  4. If the Trigger Criteria have been met, within ten working days a Panel Review date will be set. 
  5. The Community Trigger Panel will include representatives of the agencies referred to above, together with and other relevant representatives, for example, Victim Support, a Community Representative, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office etc.  It will be chaired by an independent partner (the Community Safety Partnership Chair).  The Panel Review will review all of the actions already taken and agree a response.
  6. A designated officer will feedback the response and recommendations to the reporting person within five working days.
  7. If the reporting person is unhappy or disagrees with the Review Panel response, they can request an Appeal of the decision by a neighbouring Review Panel (still within Cumbria).
  8. An Appeal Panel will meet within ten working day of the appeal being received, and the customer informed of the Appeal Review outcome.