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Government's £150 rebate scheme

Eligible households across Allerdale will begin to receive their £150 energy cost council tax rebate from today (Thursday 12 May). 
More than 40,000 households will receive a one-off payment, with the first batch of payments for those in council tax bands A to D who pay for their council tax via direct debit.
There are some households whose Direct Debit details have not been verified and these will follow on as soon as possible. Households who don’t pay by direct debit will receive letters containing information on how they can collect the rebate from their local post office in the coming weeks. 

Find out more about the rebate scheme.

Allerdale GDF Working Group

A Working Group has been formed to start local engagement on whether somewhere in Allerdale could be a suitable location for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for UK higher activity radioactive waste.  

This is the first stage of the search for a suitable site and to understand the views of people across Allerdale about possibly hosting a GDF. It follows the formation of a GDF Working Group in Copeland in November 2020.  

The Working Group will include, among others, Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), private company GenR8 North Ltd and ourselves.

A GDF will only be built where there is both a willing community and a suitable site. Establishing a Working Group is just the starting point for engaging with people in a process that will take several years.

No potential site has been chosen; this first step about starting work to engage people across the community and beginning to understand their views; it’s about looking to identify both a Search Area for further consideration and the initial membership for a larger Community Partnership that could take the discussion further with RWM.

If a potentially suitable site were to be identified by a Community Partnership in due course, then the community around that site will get to choose if they want to host a GDF.

The geographical area to be discussed will initially cover the whole of Allerdale borough but will exclude that part of the Lake District National Park which sits within the borough at the request of both GenR8 North Ltd and Allerdale Borough Council. The potential for underground facilities off the coast, accessed from land, will also be considered.  

What is Allerdale Borough Council's role?

Allerdale Borough Council have joined the working group to ensure we fully understand the implications of the project for our communities. We are not the "interested party" who submitted a request for the area to be considered. This is GenR8 North.

We'd very much encourage people to have their say on the process and find out more at the links provided.

Find out more

For more information visit the Working Group's website

There is also more information on the FAQs .

To contact the Allerdale Working Group . Or contact by  phone or email .

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