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Silloth Community Governance Review

A Community Governance Review is being carried out by Allerdale Borough Council to look at redrawing the boundary between Silloth Town Council and Holme Low Parish Council. This piece of work is being undertaken to address the issue that Lido Village is split by the boundary.

A Working Group of councillors has been set up to undertake the review and to make a final recommendation to Allerdale Borough Council on whether to amend the boundary, and if so, where that new boundary should be. It is expected that any amendments will be in place for 1 April 2020.

The Working Group initlally consulted on two options, during that consultation local residents proposed a third option which would be to take all of the properties in the Lido Village into the Holme Low Parish area. The Working Group felt it was important that local residents be given another opportunity to comment on proposals including this third option.

There are now three options for amending the boundary, shown on the maps below. The current boundary is shown in blue and the proposed new boundaries are in maroon. Option 1 is to redraw the boundary so that all properties in Lido Village are within Silloth Town Council area. Option 2 would take all of the Lido Village plus the properties on Barracks Bridge into the Silloth Town Council area. Option three would take all of the properties in the Lido Village into the Holme Low Parish area.

Please let us know which of the three options (images below) you prefer by answering the short survey below. There is also space to add any additional comments you would like to Working Group to take into account.

Residents in all of the properties affected by the two proposals will be written to individually for their views. Silloth Town Council and Holme Low Parish Council will also be consulted. Please note: The consultation ends at noon on March 2, 2020.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Silloth Community Governance Review Survey

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