Close Workington methane issue

Find out more about the methane issue affecting a small number of houses in Workington


Political makeup

The current political makeup of the Council is as follows (updated 13 October 2017):

Seats held by each party
Party Members
Labour 28
Conservative 16
Independents 6
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1
None (no group) 5
Total 56

Group Leaders

The group leaders are as follows:

  • Labour - Councillor Alan Smith, Leader of the Council, Councillor Mark Fryer, Deputy Leader
  • Conservatives - Councillor Tony Annison, Group Leader, Councillor Mark Jenkinson, Deputy Leader
  • Independents - Councillor Bill Finlay, Group Leader, Councillor Nicky Cockburn, Deputy Leader

You can view the contact details for all Allerdale Borough Councillors on the 'Your Councillors' page.

Past election results

Find the results of all the past borough elections.