Close ​​​​​​​Waste collections

Bins not been emptied? We do apologise, but due to changes to our waste collection services the crews are finding they are not able to make it to some properties on the right day. We are working to address this. If your bin hasn't been emptied, check our webpage to see if you live in an area we know about and, if so, please just leave your bin out. You do not need to report it to us. We are doing everything we can to return to your property in the following day or two. You can also find out more about the changes to our bin collections and check your bin day with our online calendar.

Political makeup

The current political makeup of the Council is as follows:

Seats held by each party (updated 22 May 2019)
Party Members
Allerdale Independents 17
Conservative 14
Labour 14
Independents 2
Putting Cumbria First 1
Allerdale Rural Independents 1
Total 49 seats

Councillor details

You can view the contact details for all Allerdale Borough Councillors on the 'Your Councillors' page.

Past election results

Find the results of all the past borough elections.