Close General Election 2019

Workington General Election 2019 result.


The Political Structure and leadership

The Council has adopted a format that includes a Leader and an Executive committee. The Council also has a number of committees including Full Council, the Development Panel, Licensing Committee, and the Scrutiny Committee.

Full details of the role of these decision making bodies can be found in our Constitution.


Council Leader: Cllr Marion Fitzgerald

Cllr Fitzgerald represents Dalton ward. She has been Council leader since May 2019.

Marion has been a councillor at Allerdale for five years. She originally represented Boltons Ward until 2015 after being elected two years earlier, and has represented Dalton ward since a by-election in 2016.  

Marion has lived in Wigton for 19 years and is a primary school teacher by profession, however she is now retired. She is passionate about Cumbria and likes nothing better than walking in the fells, being in the great outdoors and gardening. An avid chess player, she also enjoys motor sports.  

Marion Fitzgerald, Leader of the Council

Council Deputy Leader: Cllr Mark Jenkinson

Cllr Jenkinson represents Seaton and Northside ward. He has been Council Deputy Leader since May 2019.

Mark has been on the Council since May 2015 having previously represented the Seaton Ward before the boundary changes.

His role includes being the portfolio holder for economic growth which includes tourism and development control.  

Cllr Mark Jenkinson, Deputy Leader

The current Executive

The rest of the Executive is made up of the following members:

  • Cllr Mike Johnson is the Executive member with responsibility for Corporate Resources
  • Cllr George Kemp is the Executive member with responsibility for Environmental Quality
  • Cllr John Cook is the Executive member with responsibility for Governance and People Resources
  • Cllr Paul Scott is the Executive member with responsibility for Transformation
  • Cllr Stephen Stoddart is the Executive member with responsibility for Housing, Health and Wellbeing.

If you wish to contact any councillors, you can find their details on the website.