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Council Tax Reduction Scheme

About the scheme

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme can help those on low incomes by reducing their Council Tax bill.

Council Tax Reduction is calculated by comparing your income against an assessment of your needs/living allowance.

The things we take into account when assessing your needs are:

  • your age
  • whether you are single or a member of a couple
  • and whether you have any children or disabilities.

Coronavirus - applicants may now get a greater reduction in their council tax thanks to new funding from the government. You will receive details if you are successful in your application.

Download the full scheme

Am I eligible to claim a Council Tax Reduction?

You may be entitled to claim Council Tax Reduction if you have a low income or are on Universal Credit .

You will not be eligible if you have capital, savings or investments worth more than £16,000 - unless you are entitled to the guaranteed element of Pension Credit.

How do I make a claim?

You need to claim directly with us by clicking the link below.

Apply online

Somebody else lives with me, can I still make a claim?

Yes, if:

  • you do not have a partner and
  • another adult is living with you and they are on a low income

You may be able to apply for a Second Adult Reduction to help with your Council Tax.

This is worked out using the income of all other adults in the property. You may still qualify for this even if your own income and capital is too high.

You can apply directly to the council for a second adult reduction.

Apply online

Changes of circumstance

You must tell us immediately, in writing, about any changes to the information used to assess your benefit claim / reduction application.

A phone call or asking someone else to tell us about the change is not enough.

If there is an overpayment of benefit you may have to pay some money back.

If you deliberately fail to tell us about changes which result in too much benefit being paid, you are committing an offence and you may be prosecuted.

Examples of changes in circumstances you must tell us about:

  • changes to you or your partner's income, capital or savings
  • changes to the income of any adults or children living with you or the number of people living with you
  • if you, your partner or any other adults in your household stop receiving Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance
  • if any of your children leave college or school
  • if you or someone in your household starts work
  • changes to your tenancy or rent or if you are likely to be away from home for 13 weeks or more.

You must tell us immediately about any changes. If the change means you would get more benefit / reduction, and you do not tell us within one month, we may not be able to backdate the change.

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Don't worry though, your bins will be emptied as normal, and you'll still be able to speak to the same team about any enquiries to do with things like council tax, benefits, planning or any other service.

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