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Reduction on the grounds of disability

Who qualifies for disabled relief?

If you, or someone who lives with you regardless of age is 'substantially and permanently disabled' you may be entitled to a reduction in your council tax bill. The property is charged at a lower band which reduces the bill. If your property is on the lowest band we could still make a reduction to how much you are charged.

To qualify for relief the property must also contain one or or more of the following :-

  • a room other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet, which is mainly used for the treatment or care of the disabled person because of the nature and extent of their disability, or
  • an additional bathroom or kitchen which is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person, or
  • sufficient floor space to permit the use of a wheelchair, needed indoors by the disabled person.

When considering your application, the Council will decide whether the person with the disability would find it impossible or extremely difficult to live in the property, or their health would suffer, or the disability would become more severe if the room or extra feature were not available.

What evidence do we need?

If possible enclose a certificate or note from a suitably qualified person, such as a person giving treatment or a social worker.  The letter should state that because of the person's disability it is considered that the room or extra feature in the home is necessary.

The Council will still consider applications without a supporting letter however, we may need to ask you to provide one.

Who should apply?

The application must be made by a person who is liable to pay the Council Tax for the property.

How to apply

Simply download the form below and either:-

Apply now by downloading the Disabled Relief application form

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