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Cumbria and the rest of England has been placed in national lockdown (stay at home). 

See the latest news and get more information regarding coronavirus (Covid-19). Find out more about the help for affected businesses, charities including the support grants. There is also advice for individuals including the Test and Trace Support payment. Our customer contact centres are not open to the public at the moment due to the restrictions. Please use our online forms, webchat, app and phone number to contact us

What does my Council Tax pay for? 

 Council Tax is paid by the occupier or owner of a domestic property and helps pay for a wide range of public services. The money you pay contributes towards services delivered by Allerdale Borough Council, Cumbria County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria and parish councils. 

Although you pay your Council Tax to Allerdale Borough Council, we act as a Tax Collector (billing authority) for all of these authorities.

Allerdale Borough Council and your local parish council work out the cost of providing the services you need each year. This determines how much your Council Tax bill will be.

The main source of income from Council Tax goes on major services including:

  • Children's social care 
  • Waste collection and processing
  • Support for the elderly and vulnerable
  • Schools, education and youth services
  • Preventing homelessness through social housing
  • Maintaining carparks and open spaces
  • Roads, highways and street lighting maintenance
  • Planning and building control services
  • Coroners, registrars, courts and elections
  • Street cleaning and flood defences

Council Tax contributions broken down per band

Council Tax contributions broken down per band
Council Tax bandAllerdale Borough Council £Cumbria County Council £PCC For Cumbria £Total £
Band A (Up to £40,000)116.48960.37177.061253.91
Band B (£40,001- £52,000)135.891120.44206.571462.90
Band C (£52,001-£68,000)155.311280.49236.081671.88
Band D (68,001-£88,000)174.721440.56265.591880.87
Band E (£88,001-£120,000)213.551760.68324.612298.84
Band F (£120,001-£160,000)252.372080.81383.632716.81
Band G (£160,001-£320,000)291.202400.93442.653134.78
Band H (£320,001 and over)349.442881.12531.183761.74