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Latest on bin collections in the former Allerdale area

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Got a council tax bill? What does it mean?

If you live in the Allerdale, Carlisle or Copeland area and you pay your council tax or business rates by direct debit or standing order, please be aware of the following:

  • You will soon receive your council tax bill or business rates bill. As the three areas are combining into Cumberland Council from 1 April, your bill will include a Cumberland Council logo.
  • If you pay by direct debit, Cumberland Council will collect these rather than your existing district council. Our name will appear on your bank/building society statement.
  • If your first payment date is the 1st of the month, this will be in or around 6th April. Future payments will be paid as normal.
  • If your Direct Debit was previously collected in the Carlisle area on 16th or 21st of the month, your payment date will move to 22nd of each month. Please let our Carlisle team know if you prefer to choose an alternative payment date.
  • If you have a standing order set up at your bank to send us payments, please amend the bank details with your bank to send payments to our new bank account details - these can be found on the back of your new Cumberland Council bill, on your current council's website or by contacting their customer services team.

For more information about your council tax bill, visit the Shadow Authority for Cumberland Council website .

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Cumberland Council

On 1 April 2023 local government in Cumbria changed, with Cumberland Council providing all your council services.  

Don't worry though, your bins will be emptied as normal, and you'll still be able to speak to the same team about any enquiries to do with things like council tax, benefits, planning or any other service.

Find out more about the changes.

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