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Rent With Confidence scheme

We're keen to help tenants find quality accommodation and for landlords to improve their rental properties and be rewarded when they do. That's why we've set up the Rent With Confidence scheme.

What is the Rent With Confidence scheme about?

Allerdale Borough Council wants tenants to rent with confidence and is working hard to improve housing standards in the private rental sector. As part of this, we have developed an Allerdale Rent With Confidence (RWC) website and a five-star rating scheme. 

This will help landlords advertise and manage their properties and provides tenants with choice and understanding of the condition a property is in, and check if landlords and agents are meeting their legal requirements and managing properties and tenancies well.

We are initially starting the scheme in the St Michael's area of Workington, but hope to extend it to other areas.

Visit the RWC website

What is the star rating for landlords?

The scheme will work with private landlords to improve the quality of Private Rented Sector (PRS) housing through its five-star rating system. It works in a similar way to the rating scheme used by the Food Standards Agency for restaurants and takeaways.

You will be required to register with the scheme via the website above.

Once registered, a self-assessment form is completed in order to gain a star rating for your property. Where appropriate certificates such as gas safety, EPC and HMO licenses can be upload. Basic information about the property, including photographs are then also added. 

An Environmental Health Officer or a Housing Standards Officer will assess/inspect the property before a star rating is confirmed. If appropriate the officer will provide advice on works that may be required to achieve a higher rating. 

In some cases, a property may not meet the minimum legal requirement, and the officers will work with the landlord and agent to help them achieve an acceptable star rating for the property.

Once a property has been assessed/inspected, it is awarded a star rating. The best properties, landlords and agents receive the highest rating. All ratings are clearly displayed on the website, which makes it easy for tenants to make well-informed decisions about which properties to choose.

Properties that score below three stars will not appear advertised for rent on the Allerdale Council website until improvements have been made.

Rent with Confidence - Privacy Notices

These Privacy Notices explain what happens to the personal data we (Allerdale Borough Council) collect from you as part of the Allerdale Rent With Confidence scheme:

Allerdale Rent with Confidence Privacy Notice (Landlords)

Allerdale Rent with Confidence Privacy Notice (Tenants)