Licence - gambling

The Gambling Act 2005 came into force on 1 September 2007. The aim of the Gambling Act is to comprehensively update the existing Gambling Laws. It offers new powers and protections for new and old forms of gambling.

Its three objectives are:

keeping gambling crime free;
making sure that gambling is fair and open;
protecting children and vulnerable adults.
Apart from the National Lottery and spread betting, gaming and betting is regulated by the Gambling Commission, whose duties include licensing the operators and individuals involved in providing gaming and betting facilities.

Allerdale Borough Council has become a licensing authority under the Gambling Act and has a duty to licence premises where gambling is to take place and to licence certain other activities (such as registering small society lotteries).

We issue premises licences for:

Betting offices and race tracks
Bingo clubs
Adult gaming centres (AGC)
Family entertainment centre (FEC)
We issue permits for:

Gaming machines in alcohol-licensed premises, such as pubs
Gaming machines for members clubs
Gaming in members clubs
Unlicensed family entertainment centres
Prize gaming

Temporary and Occasional use notices

There is a new system of Temporary Use Notices, Occasional Use Notices. These authorise premises that are not licensed generally for gambling purposes to be used for certain types of gambling for limited periods. We also issue small society lotteries and provisional statements.


Gambling Policy - Statement of Principles 2016-19

The Gambling Act requires all Licensing Authorities to prepare, consult on and publish a Statement of Gambling Policy every three years setting out how the authority will manage the licensing of gambling premises. The Council has recently concluded its review of the policy and the amended version is published below and will be effective from 31 January 2016.

Consultation on revised policy

The Council is currently undertaking a review of its statement of policy and the revised policy will be implemented in January 2019. As part of the review, the Council consults with a range of organisations and responsible bodies and gives residents and businesses in the Allerdale area the opportunity to comment on the draft policy which has been amended to reflect legislative and guidance changes from the last policy review. The consultation period runs from 15 August 2018 to 28 September 2018 and the draft policy is available below. Any comments should be submitted in writing by 28 September 2018 to the Licensing Department, Allerdale Borough Council, New Bridge Road, Workington. Cumbria CA14 3YJ or email using the response form below.

Statement of gambling policy for consultation
Gambling policy consultation response form