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Discounted Sale Scheme offers opportunity for affordable housing

Rebecca Wilkinson

Aug. 3, 2018

Allerdale Borough Council is encouraging local people to sign up to its Discounted Sale Registration Scheme for the chance to own their own home. 

Residents on the register will be given the opportunity to apply for certification to purchase a property at a percentage of its open market value within developments across Allerdale.

Applicants must meet the necessary criteria for the scheme by demonstrating that at least one member of the household has a local connection, showing that they cannot afford the property at its open market value, as well as being able to demonstrate a housing need. 

To join the scheme, visit and download and complete the registration form using the relevant guidance. 

Councillor Carni McCarron-Holmes, Executive Member with responsibility for housing, said: “We understand how difficult it is for people to take that first step onto the property ladder and buying their own home.  This scheme has proved to be very successful in a range of different towns across the borough and is often the only way some people can dream of owning a home of their own, so I would encourage anyone who is eligible to register.”

A Cockermouth resident who has benefitted from the scheme said: “I’ve lived in the town for nearly 10 years, my son has been attending a Cockermouth primary school for the last seven years and I’ve worked for a local business for over five years. I’ve always rented and never dreamed I’d be able to afford to buy somewhere here. The house prices in the town are quite high and being on my own my salary would never have been enough to be able to get a mortgage. This scheme has enabled me to own a beautiful house close to work and school and it’s affordable. I think the scheme is a fantastic idea and has helped me to buy a house in Cockermouth, which I could never have done without it.”

Discounts are calculated at ward level using local house price and income information provided by Cumbria Observatory.

For full details of the scheme, including eligibility and property locations, visit or contact the housing policy team at or 0303 123 1702.