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Leader's Times & Star column: 'People want to see change'

Jonathan Irving

Jonathan Irving

June 12, 2019

The result of last month’s Local Election in Allerdale tells us that people want to see change and things done in a different way.  Independent candidates polled the highest numbers but the overall result was very divided.

In my view, the fairest way to reflect the voting pattern would have been Independent leadership of a shared administration.

The Labour group did not wish to participate but we have nevertheless managed to form a shared administration with the Conservatives.  I am confident that we will work well together for every community in Allerdale.

This council has seen a dramatic change.  We have a lot of new members who are bringing enthusiasm and energy to our committees.

With the diminishing funds from central government and tough decisions to be made, we know that there are difficult times ahead.

However, with a new shared administration, I hope that we will see an end to arguments about party politics.  As an Independent councillor, I have always deplored having to listen to these in the council chamber.

My belief is that there is no room for politics within local government and that we should be putting all our energies into doing the best we can for the residents in every town, village and rural area within Allerdale.

I hope to lead an administration that is inclusive, open and fair.  I hope that every member of the council will feel able to contribute to our work going forward.