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Salterbeck clean-up

Andrew Gilbert

April 18, 2018

Salterbeck reservoir has been transformed by 16 hardy volunteers who joined Workington Nature Partnership Officer, Raegan Blacker, on Tuesday morning for a clean-up.

Amid driving wind and rain, they managed to clear up around 40 bags of plastic litter, 32 tyres, plastic piping and a shopping trolley.

The area is popular with local wildlife including a pair of nesting swans who were, until Tuesday, surrounded by plastic rubbish. This has now been cleared away and the site is looking spotless. 

Workington Nature Partnership plans to work with local residents in the future to add colour and biodiversity to the site by creating wildflower areas.

Many of those who took part were from Salterbeck Residents Association who are now keen to see the area kept clean and tidy. They are joining Raegan in asking people to put any litter in the bin or take it home with them, and to not let their dogs foul without picking it up. Dog walkers are also asked to keep their dogs on their leads, especially during the nesting season, as there has been reports of dogs chasing the ducks and swans.  

Anyone with large amounts of rubbish to get rid of can use the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Workington, or arrange for a bulky waste collection from Allerdale Borough Council. Anyone caught fly-tipping could face a hefty fine.